Blues, florals, geo's and white


Invigorating Cobalt and energetic royal blues were top of the colour stakes on the catwalks at the beginning of the spring and in time honoured fashion interior trends have followed fashion trends and these exciting colours are set to take centre stage throughout 2015 and become one of the most popular interior design colour choices.

Dark cobalt blue dressing table, with a white framed mirror on top, next to a white and aqua chair

Powerful, striking hues like these though need careful execution as overkill can be overpowering. Less is more is the key here and adding simple accents is often enough to create impact or effect with such vivid colour. Accessories are the way to go, or accent pieces such as wall art, cushions, small items of occasional furniture like console or side tables, or even a statement chair in a plush plain or a striking pattern. Adding small touches in this way can either simply revitalise your space or add a completely new dimension.

White living room with dark blue sofa, round glass table and white and blue chairs

And despite the impact and strength of hue that this dominating colour processes, it is still a remarkably versatile colour and will work well with/against almost any other shade on the colour wheel. House Beautiful’s photo above demonstrates this perfectly. It shows a lively but complementary combination of eclectic colours and patterns, which far from clashing, come together to create an interesting and cheerful combination, grounded by the strength and intensity of the beautiful blue. Team it with turquoise, yellow, pink, green or neutral beiges to name but a few and this strength of blue sits as comfortably next to them as black would.


Season upon season florals are never absent from the design palettes in one form or another. The Spring saw two noticeable floral trends emerging however.

Cream and light pink floral bedding on a white metal bed frame

Painterly style watercolour florals with blurry, soft-focus edges found their way in to almost all areas in bold and inspiring colour combinations as well as pastel tones; whilst more traditional, pretty and romantic florals found their place to bloom in bedrooms and boudoirs.

Collage of cream, light blue and pink floral double bedding on a white metal bed frame

Collage of two sets of floral bedding, left is cream and right is light blue

The classic blooms of predictable summer prints though, are now combined with the cool aqua and turquoise side of the colour palette to create fresh but romantic scenes with a unique new twist.

Swatch of bird trail fabric in light blue

Swatch of floral blue and pink fabric

Swatch of duck egg blue and pink striped fabric

Cool aqua and turquoise tones often come to the fore during the summer months because of their iconic association with the ocean and all things maritime and nautical; but this season we see these cool tones combined in a very fresh and unique way with summer florals such as pink roses and wild flowers.

A beige padded dining chairs with three bright cushions in white, pink, aqua, yellow and blue

White living room with dark brown leather sofa and black and white wall graphics

If you’re not overly fussy or flowery, then floral accents can still be used to add a touch of on trend pattern to your decor. The beauty of florals is that they will sit in perfect harmony or interesting juxtaposition against geometrics, plains, stripes and even some themed fabrics with ease. So you can control the amount of ‘pretty’ and ‘flowery’ that you add, enabling just a tad of floral to be added to even the most masculine or neutral schemes for a touch of on trend without the feminine.

Black and white puts in an appearance too, as this classic combination does most seasons, giving a new maturity to florals which again, provides a touch of masculinity without losing the feminine/romantic touch. Black and white wall graphics are also trending this season and provide the perfect way to add some bold and striking accents to your decor without fear of pattern overload or colour mistakes.

Collage of two beds with white and cream bedding with a grey and black floral pattern Swatch of summer fair floral fabric in grey and beige

Swatch of sayuri floral fabric in beige


Two photos next to each other, left: white dressing table with x-frame legs in a grey room, right: zigzag striped bedding in white, light green and duck egg blue

Geometrics continue to lean towards fluent, curvey lines and quirky stripes rather than rigid structures, although chevrons maintain their popularity. This new wave of stylised shapes and loose lines though, help to bring together classic and modern style effortlessly. Geometrics are an effective way to modernise a scheme and can be incorporated quite easily into any scheme by the simple addition of wall art, textiles, rugs, cushions, throws or furniture.

Two different rugs with swirling patterns, left: black and white, right: black and red

Monochrome black and white geo’s are never out of place.....................

Left: black, pink, green, red, blue and purple striped bedding, right: a white sofa with different coloured cushions in a geometric pattern

but don’t be afraid to add some colour to your geometric additions, ............

Two different swirling patterned rugs, left: black and grey, right: purple and black

........especially if you are only using key pieces and accents to accessorize with as there will be no fear of pattern or colour overload.

White is Right and Bright is Right

White interior schemes continue to be popular in home design trends this summer, enlivened with an added pop of colour.

Large living room, dining room and kitchen space with white walls and touches of red and grey throughout

Dark or natural wood floors add warmth to these schemes and popular colour pops are additional splashes of turquoise, yellow or red accents or a combination of any of these.

Two bright white rooms, left: white sofa, white writing desk and patchwork armchair, right: white armchair, yellow side tables and black framed wall prints

Colour blocking, clashing, and print-mixing are going nowhere if this year’s catwalks were anything to take any store by, but using bright, bold and clashing colours in your home is probably one of the most difficult trends to get right and one that home owners often avoid the most for fear of mistakes and colour overload.

A large white lving space with dark blue or black sofa on a multicoloured patchwork rug

Colour pops, however, are a simple but effective way of bringing some summer cheer in to your home. Keeping things minimal and adding splashes of colour also allows the flexibility to change with current trends or as and when necessary. I love how in all the three images above, colourful graphic prints and painted furniture are clashed against the light and serenely neutral backdrops, to produce a theme that is bold, but not overwhelming.

A large cream living space, with cream and beige furniture and touches of blue and white with accessories

Add your accent colours with stand-out wall art, invigorating cushions, fun printed textiles, large vases and lamps to accentuate key colours, or a small but brightly coloured occasional table maybe? Don’t be afraid to upcycle old, tired pieces of furniture by painting with bold colours and reupholstering. Experiment with large blocks of colour on walls too.

Painting an accent wall or a fireplace niche in a striking tone also offers a fantastic opportunity to add changeable colour. These are all fantastic and safe ways to add colour and interest so if you’re not confident with colour then take inspiration from the tips and images above and you won’t go far wrong!

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