Blue is one of the cool colours and it works well with orange, yellow or red - orange is especially common. So much so that a combination of orange and blue is one of the 'secrets' of art, especially recently in the film industry. If you look out for it you will notice it all of the time, especially on movie posters and DVD covers. In fact once you realise that is true, you may just be shocked to see just how many films use the combination! This translates well to interior design too, as they just work so well together, and to help you maximise the look just follow these simple blue interior design ideas and tips. Well if we are going to focus on this mystical blue and orange combo, then we should first figure out just why they work so well together. First of all it is important to realise that they are complimentary to each other. What this means is that if you take the other two primary colours and mix them, you get the complementary colour to the remaining one. So red and yellow mixed make orange, which is blues complement. Blue and yellow make green, which compliments red (Think Christmas!) and finally yellow compliments purple, being made of red and blue. So how can you use these complimentary colours in your home, and why would you want to? Well first of all they make each other brighter and more bold. So if you place a vivid orange next to a vibrant blue, both will look much more intense than they would on their own. This means you can use much darker shades than you normally would, as to not be too garish, yet still have that 'wow' factor. This creates a very aesthetically pleasing look, which really brings together a room to feel unified and stylish. Try using blue bedroom curtains paired with orange bedding sets to create a superb colour combination which will brighten any sized bedroom. While blue is incredibly easy to work in to any room, orange can be very tricky. It can simply look out of place or gaudy if used in excess - which means you will need to play a real juggling act to get these two to play nicely together. Typically you are better off overdoing the blue and having the orange as a minor secondary colour, especially in smaller rooms. This is because the larger the space the more orange you are able to use before it starts to look off.