Blooming in spring - stylish ways to bring florals into your home

Spring marks new beginnings. Flower’s blooming and the sun beaming after a chilly winter, brings us all to life again. So, what better way to celebrate this wonderful season, by introducing florals into your home? Fresh, inspiring, and beautiful, botanicals should not just be limited to the boudoir. The beauty of this style is that it can be anything from bright and bold, to neutral and minimal. The world really is your oyster when it comes to flowery aesthetics. At Terrys, we have lots of exciting styling tips to share with you to get your floral fever going!

Balance is key

When it comes to designing your home in this style, getting the balance right is crucial. So, before you dive in, consider what accessories and materials will actually work with florals. For instance, are you going to opt for floral curtains? If so, we have just the ones for you! Our Adriana readymade ochre curtains will bring botanical bliss, particularly if in the living room. Accessories are a great way to bring a little flower power into the home when wanting to achieve balance. By implementing shades found in floral accents, you can then use those colour choices, when it comes to picking statement furniture.

Accessorise away

Florals are the perfect chance to be playful when it comes to patterns. For the maximalists out there, this should be music to your ears! This can be achieved in many ways, from cushions bursting with botanicals, or a rug packed with pretty blooms. If you have a watering can lying around and fancy a little DIY, give it a splash of paint and pop flowers in. It is a low-cost initiative that looks amazing, as well as bringing shabby chicness to your interiors. Eclectic style lampshades tend to embrace floral designs, adding a touch of uniqueness to your home. Place one native of the Art Deco era, on a coffee table, and watch it go from simple to wonderful in minutes. If you are not ready to go all out with the floral aesthetic, sprucing up your bed is the perfect way to start in small doses. There is a ton of botanical printed bedding out there! This means you can wake up every morning surrounded by that flowery, fresh feeling.

Best of both worlds

Flowers do not always mean bright blooms. If you want to keep things more gender-neutral, there are many different botanicals to achieve this. One way to do this is to opt for patterns which highlight abstract shapes or subdued colours, rather than intricately detailed blooms. Remember – flowers are much more than just daffodils and roses! They have stunning leaves and branches too. There are many botanical patterns on the market which focus on other parts of a plant, to stop your space from looking too feminine. Our Enchanted Forest curtains use a blend of leaves and foliage for a sleek design both feminine and masculine.

Dark florals have a place in our hearts too! Gone are the days where we had to stick to sweet pastel tones associated with botanical designs. If you want to channel gothic magnificence, prints in deep inky shades, will definitely add charm to your abode.
The Orla Kiely Jacquard Stem blind in all its moody brilliance will bring style and modernism to your kitchen.

Alternatively, if you want to go all out and floral crazy, walls are the perfect place to begin. Florals are a huge trend at the moment. So, what better way to keep up with the latest designs than with flowery wallpaper? This way you can have your own stunning, summer garden, surrounding you in your home!

Layering is the way forward

If less is more are not the words you live by, the botanical trend is for you! Floral prints are crying out to be layered! All you need to do is mix it up with contrasting designs, such as frivolous blossom prints, against ostentatious blooms. Layer up furniture, cushions, wallpaper, and artwork for a flowery experience like no other!

Floral furniture

Contrast is key in floral spaces, so consider mixing a timeless flowery pattern with something unforeseen. For instance, the modernism of abstract artwork, against a soft chintz chair adorned with leaves. To nail the aesthetic, stick to neutrals for one or the other. Or make sure there is a matching shade or pattern, to unite the two. Oriental design is mostly known for its exquisitely adorned botanical elements. So, why not go for a cabinetry for the boudoir in this style, or a fancy floral sofa for the living room? For those feeling bold, a botanical printed, freestanding bath is the perfect statement furnishing. This is more for the traditionalists, so if contemporary is your vibe, steer clear! Keep the rest of the bathroom simple and neutral, and let your floral tub be the centre of attention.

Real works too

What better way to bring Spring into your home than by decorating the space with actual flowers? Blooms set the perfect romantic setting if placed on your dining table. If you have the space, repeat it down the table centre with identical arrangements. It will look divine – trust us! There are a whole host of options. From silk flowers if you are looking for something permanent, to freshly cut blooms from your garden. If you want to go the extra mile, lavender ribbons will give these arrangements a sophisticated touch.

No matter the season, we all love flowers, and a floral design is the perfect way to brighten up and freshen your home. Whether it is flowery furniture, subdued botanical prints or simply a bunch of roses, we guarantee it will spruce up your space! With our style ideas, you can make your home look like Spring all-year round. Remember – flowers do not automatically mean bright and girly! It is an aesthetic versatile enough, so that everyone can have the best of both worlds. Your floral bliss awaits you!

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