Blissful Bedroom Design

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Bedrooms should be the relaxation headquarters of the home. The one room you can go to, to get away from the days stresses and strains...and everybody else, well except your partner. The room where you relax and sleep and chill out....have some me time. Therefore it is vital this room is designed with your own personal comfort in mind.

The bedroom these days is not only used for sleeping. It’s a dressing room, for some it’s their office, a place for reading, listening to music, watching TV. Although some of the activities would be best situated in other rooms we don’t all have the luxury of space, so the first thing to do when re-designing your room is to look at the space you have and decide what you need in there.

The Bed is a key feature. First decide where it will go as it takes up the most space it will dictate where the rest of the furniture will fit. Traditionally it is placed up against a wall, but if you have a large enough room choose somewhere else. Perhaps facing a window for morning views, or acting as a space divider if you want to incorporate a study or sitting area within your room.

Just make sure that there is enough space on either side of the bed for people to walk down to get in and out, beds pushed up against the walls are impractical if there are two of you. The bed design will also have an effect on the rooms style, will it work with the scheme you have decided on as will the linens. Layers of different textures and shades of your chosen colour give depth and quality to a room and can alter the whole feel of it.

Next is storage, most rooms require quite a lot for clothes, shoes, bags, books, etc. It has been noted that cultured untidy rooms do not create the right environment for a peaceful night’s sleep so ensuring you have adequate storage is essential. Wardrobes, chest of drawers, bed side tables, and blanket boxes at the foot of your bed all need to be considered. Fitted wardrobes are great for larger rooms as they reach the ceiling and become a feature where as stand-alone pieces don’t utilize the space above them.

Mirrored, sliding door wardrobes are good for small rooms as they give the effect of more light and space, while not needing areas for the doors to open out. Bedside tables should be used on either side of the bed with matching Bedside Table Lamps creating a symmetrical smart, modern hotel look. If you are short of space, consider a bed with drawers, or think about storing some items in a spare room.

Other furniture to consider is dressing tables and chairs, both of which add grandeur, style and personality to a room, again giving that hotel feel. Window dressings also need consideration; if you have a large window make a feature of it by framing it with beautiful Ready Made Curtains, consider using black out blinds if too much light becomes an issue.

Themes this year include neutral themes, with grey being the must have colour. Whether it’s used on a feature wall with mainly white furniture and linens for a clean bright appearance, or with a brighter accent colour such as orange to inject some warmth, it’s in the season. Black bedrooms are also becoming popular, dark and atmospheric in the day, but sexy and passionate at night.

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