Blanket Boxes

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

A blanket box or trunk is a great way to add both style and handy extra storage space to a bedroom or living room. Available in so many different sizes, shapes and styles there is guaranteed to be something for you. Traditionally, the name would suggest, a blanket box has kept at the foot of the bed to store blankets and sheets, but as we will see, this is not the only way a blanket box can be used around the home. They really are a surprisingly adaptable and useful item of furniture well worth investing in.

If you do intend to use yours at the bottom of your bed it is not just a simple case of picking one in your favourite colour. Choosing one with the best method of access for your needs is key to getting the most use out of yours. More and more frequently people are choosing to include a television set in their bedroom. After a long day at work, it can be so much more relaxing to cosy up to your loved one to watch a movie in the comfort of your bed. A blanket box provides a great spot to perch your T.V. close by and at the perfect viewing height- but not if you have bought a trunk with a hinged lid.

There are two things you can do to solve this simple problem. You could look for a trunk with a fixed top and drawer access to the front. However a much better solution is to choose a blanket box with a sliding lid that runs on a track? Available in all modern furniture stores, they make it much easier to reach their contents. Whilst on the subject of contents, remember to also consider what you are going to put in your trunk before you choose. They may be called blanket boxes but you may be storing DVDs, books or shoes in yours, you may need separate interior compartments or shelves.

A really great alternative use for a blanket box is as a substitute for your coffee table. An old chest from an antique shop or church sale is a fantastic way to add warmth and character to your living room. They work particularly well in a wood rich room, with wooden curtain poles and wooden blinds for example.

Unlike a coffee table, a chest provides lots of storage for magazine, DVDs, reading glasses, throws or the T.V. remote- no more searching down the side of the sofa! Especially effective in eclectic or minimal settings as in an eclectic setting they will blend in seamlessly whilst in a minimal scheme they will add much needed texture and create interesting contrast.

A chest picked up in a church sale is certainly a bargain and demonstrates well how blanket boxes can be found at a price to suit any budget. However, a blanket box can be even cheaper if you have a little time and a pinch of creativity. You can construct a fabric blanket box out nothing more than a lightweight wooden frame, stapled into a basic box, with some lovely fabric stretched across the surface. Simply hinge the lid and you are away, this type of box makes a great washing basket and will leave you quids in.

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