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Blackout roller blinds

It's the same old story, we spend nine months of the year hoping and praying for a decent summer then when it arrives for its two week (at best) stint, we complain that it’s too hot! Sure, you could always give a wry smirk about how British you are while slowly baking in your front room or you could break the habit of a lifetime and get proactive! If you have decided enough is enough and you want to help your home remain cool calm and collected this summer, then blackout roller blinds could be just the thing for you.

Able to keep out even the brightest of light and most stifling heat, the blackout roller blind is an ingeniously simple piece of design that, once up, instantly begins to earn its fee back. The blackout roller looks much the same as any other, the only difference being the thickness of the cut of fabric.

Unlike most other specialist products, with the blackout roller blind, style does not have to be sacrificed for the sake of function. They are available in just as wide a selection of colours, patterns, children’s fabrics and styles as regular rollers and therefore have the same chameleon-like qualities of being able to fit into virtually any setting. From formal to fun occasions there is a fabric to suit your style.

Blackout rollers are particularly effective in the bedroom where sun block and privacy is needed- no more shadow puppet displays for the neighbours and no more Sunday lies-in ruined by a 6am sunrise! The bathroom might also make use of a blackout blind if your window backs onto a neighbour’s- you don’t have to rely on the steam from the shower alone for your privacy!

Whether it’s mid-July or early December, bedtime is still bedtime, but for those of you who have tried to enforce the usual bedtime rules on your youngsters when the sun is still cracking the flags at 8pm, you will know all too well that rules are most certainly made to be broken- by restless children anyway! A blackout roller/night sky night light combo is a really effective way to combat the summertime rulebook rip-up.

Sitting rooms can also benefit from blackout blinds as they put a complete stop to the oh-so frustrating glare sunlight can cast onto your television screen - now if you choose to, you can have movie night mid morning on a Wednesday - just remember to clear it with your boss first!

As far as I’m aware, most blackout roller blind makers are not registered as charitable organizations, neither are they headed by light-sensitive philanthropists, yet somehow despite their usefulness and top marks in the style department roller blinds are still amongst the most affordable blinds on the market. They are also right up there with the easiest to fit, requiring no specialist knowledge or tools- a screwdriver and a tape measure will see you through the job in one cup of  a builder’s tea!


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