Black and White Flooring Has Stood the Test of Time

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We all have them and simply can't live without them, (unless we defy gravity which of course is impossible for anyone living on the planet) – floors of all types and styles for the most part go unnoticed as we trundle through our daily lives.

Whether they're elaborate or plain, few us pay much attention to what we are walking on and yet once brought to our attention we find ourselves looking down with a critical eye. Inspired by 'the cool look of black and white floors' featured in a perfect gray my attentions have been focused on these two classical colour combinations. Black and white geometric hexagon flooring in a living room They're not new, the Victorians used them both inside and outside of their homes. You can see the exterior designs when you walk down an old Victorian street just about anywhere in the country; most have the familiar alternating black and white chequerboard pattern. Black and white checked tiles in a front garden

Source: London Mosaic

Inside the black and white tiles used in hallways, bathrooms (for those lucky enough to have a bathroom in Victorian times) and toilets. Traditional Victorian mens public toilet with a row of urinals

Source: Wired

Some of the best Victorian examples can be seen in public toilets, but they are becoming rare as public toilets are modernised; as a matter of note there are a few which have a Grade 1 or 2 listed building order to help preserve them for their fabulous design.

Black and white tiled floors with geometric designs were also incredibly popular during the Art Deco era. Evidence of this decadent era, along with original tiled floors can be seen in grand hotels, including Claridges in London. Whether you're looking for a stylish contemporary floor for your bathroom or want to capture a rustic look, black and white flooring fits the bill in so many different interior design styles. Black and white bathroom with black chandelier light fitting

Source: Houzz

Rustic black front door, with glass grid centre allowing light into a white hallway

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