Big impact on a small budget

Just because you have a limited budget for a bedroom makeover, doesn't mean you can't go big on impact. With some savvy shopping and interior design tactics having a gorgeous bedroom can be achieved without too much hassle or a headache.

Luxurious rich brown bedding on a large bed, with fabric headboard Terrys Fabrics

Go designer label to get a glamorous look that's affordable. With a little savvy shopping on bedding you will be able to instantly up-date the look of your room. Opt for on-trend colours like soft greys. This colour will add sophistication and refinement, while enabling to inject a variety of tonal colours, pattern and textures.
if you want a less glamorous look white is always a good colour choice. It has the ability to reflect light to give a room a clean, yet opulent look.
White and grey bedding

Terrys Fabrics

Add boudoir cushions

A stack of brown cushions on a beige chair

Terrys Fabrics

Boudoir cushions are a must for most interior design schemes. If you're going for a luxe, Hollywood or glam motif use a range of different textures and include those wit metallic elements.

For traditional and minimalistic schemes plain colours with different textures will add refinement without being overly ornate or ostentatious.

Make a statement headboard

Hexagonal patterned fabric in grey and creamTerrys Fabrics

Statement headboards remain on-trend. They are perfect for creating a focal point, more especially when designed to compliment the bedding. Stylish headboards can be made using patterned wallpaper or patterned fabrics. Fabric is durable and won't mark or tear in the same way paper can. It can also be cheaper than some luxury wallpaper.

A large MDF sheet is all that's needed, and simply use a staple gun to hold the fabric in place. Pull the fabric taught each side to avoid rucking and creases.

Add table lamps

Table lamp on a wooden and glass table

Terrys Fabrics

Beside table lamps are a useful addition to any style of bedroom. Look for unusual shapes or go for those which sit unobtrusively and yet add to the overall wow factor of the room. If you're going glam, luxe or Hollywood statement lighting, both central and side lamps, should add to the look without taking centre stage.

Add a deep pile rug

Shaggy grey rug on a wooden floor

Terrys Fabrics

Give your feet a welcome place to wriggle into as you step out of bed. Deep pile rugs are ideal for all types of flooring. They can be used to add pattern or simply add a touch of luxury. Rugs are also ideal for hiding threadbare patches or unsightly stains on fitted carpets.

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