Harry Potter and his friends have found their way into many children's and adults hearts and what better way to create a bewitching bedroom than taking inspiration from the movie. I have little doubt that there's a whole host of Harry Potter paraphernalia available, however, for a more mature approach it may be wise to steer clear of these and opt for a bedding that can be used in a young person's or adult's bedroom. Plain black or dark grey duvet cover sets are ideal and will enable you to adjust or alter your theme without having to buy new bedding – which could be a godsend if your decorating a child's bedroom. Add themed elements which aren't necessarily commercial merchandise such as black bedside table lamps or perhaps a small alarm clock in the form of a skull! To prevent the room from becoming too dark and oppressive charcoal grey bed throws can be paired with scatter cushions. Add different textures and maybe the odd patterned piece to add further interest to the room. Plain pale grey walls and ceiling will also help to add light to the room as well as making a feature wall prominent. Window blinds are an ideal window covering and if the bedroom is in the attic skylight roller blinds in midnight blue will certainly do the trick very nicely. Try not to get too carried away, remember to make an instant visual impact the 'less is more' rule should be taken into consideration. Having a feature wall will draw the eye, so keep the rest of the room as subtle and plain, without being boring, as you can – including the bed – Don't try and go the whole 'Hogwarts' otherwise the impact of the feature wall can be lost in the confusion. Plain flooring and the use of large rugs in black or grey will help to ground the theme and bring different textures to the room. If your bedroom has  curtains try and compliment the floor covering to coordinate – they don't have to be a perfect match, just as long as they are within the same colour shade to bring a sense of balance and cohesion to the room. Bring in other bewitching items with the clever use of accessories. A small broomstick, a black wizard's hat will all help to complete the scene without being too intrusive.