It isn't just children who love the mystery of magic, from the dark and mysterious we move onto the elegant. We can all dream to aspire to beautiful bedrooms however, we come back down to earth with a bump and look at the possibilities and practicalities of creating an elegantly magical bedroom. The size of your your will have an impact on how far you can take this interior design style – bigger is better in this case but it doesn't mean that smaller bedrooms are left out in the cold. An elegant bed with an almost futuristic frame will of course be a shop stopper, you can use your existing bed or go for a super king sized bed if you have the room. Use voile panels to create a wispy and magical canopy. Opt for white to get a crisp clean look which simply speaks for itself. Look for white duvet cover sets, those with delicate embroidered patterns wouldn't look out of place if you don't like plain white. Of course, super king bedding is far more readily available than it used to be and doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. One of the key elements to this style is to keep the room stylishly simple – no clutter and unnecessary items of furniture should be included. Add a variety of textures but don't go over the top or you'll end up spoiling the simple elegance. You may not live in a stately home but you can still take lots of inspiration from this interior design style – an elegantly magical bed would lie very comfortably in a modern and contemporary styled room. Pay attention to your window dressing by using full length pencil pleat curtains in white or ivory – avoid pattern if you possibly can. Allow for plenty of additional length to allow the curtains to puddle gently onto the floor. If you want to add colour to prevent the room looking too clinical use duck egg blue for the walls and soft muted gold for accessories. This room is elegant so avoid using highly polished gold accessories as this may make the room look tacky and blingy rather than stunning. Let your interior design flair shine and you'll be surprised how you can add a magical touch to your bedroom with the most basic of bedding and the clever use of voile panels.

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