Living on a tight decorating budget doesn't mean you have to scrimp on style. There's plenty of ways to add the wow factor on a budget – think outside the box and explore every angle.   Go Sideways: Take a look at the walls and use them as galleries for picture groups. If your apartment is rented gallery walls are a great way of disguising ghastly wallpaper or imperfections. enhanced-buzz-18984-1373245082-4


Go Low: Look down and use colourful rugs to not only bring comfort underfoot but to add a splash of colour and pattern. Use rugs to hide nasty stains or threadbare patches on worn carpets. magnificent-apartment-decorating-ideas-pkJ1D

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Go High: Adding a decorative piece at ceiling height will draw the eye up-wards and away from other areas. this can also give the illusion of your room being higher than reality, which in turn gives the appearance of more space. joelix-hanging-planters-DIY-fishnet-tights-10


Go Mismatched: The mismatched trends lives on especially for dining furniture. Use cheap chairs and paint them, find old chairs at boot fairs and paint them too! The same principles can be applied in the living room, chairs don't have to match to look stylish. MismatchedChairs

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Go Unusual: Using unusual pieces will not only give your apartment style it will give it personality too! Unusual accents are a great way to brighten up boring décor and stamp individuality into your home. ceiling


Go DIY: DIY is great if you're on a strict budget – however, be wary of DIY that looks shoddy rather than chic! hanging-rope-shelf-how-to


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