2000 students from across the UK were surveyed to find out their cleaning habits in relation to their dating life. The results were shocking and a little bit disturbing! Only 15% of men cleaned their flat properly before going out on the pull and 10% even chose to borrow a friend’s room rather than tidy up. 1 A disgraceful 29% of men never bother to dust, with 34% willing to hire a cleaner if they thought it would help them get a date. 2 3 Most worryingly was the list of disgusting things women have found in a potential partner’s room. Dirty underwear and half eaten food came tops. 4 5 The survey visited 8 of the top UK university cities, as rated by TopUniversities.com. It found that Newcastle male students were the worst for getting their mothers to do their laundry, while Northumbria University in Newcastle came tops as the messiest. Terry’s knows that it can be hard for students to adapt to independent living and that making yourself a space you can be proud of might sometimes be a challenge. But while the clothes thrown across the floor and the leftover food by the bed is a major turn off, we also know that there are some quick and easy fixes to help any lothario looking to improve his chances of a date. Our surveyed students are not alone in their messy mishaps, so we’ve decided to hold a competition to see who can send us the most disgusting room. Just upload a photograph and your details here: http://www.terrysfabrics.co.uk/blog/uks-most-disgusting-student-bedroom-competition/ The winner will receive up to £500and a bottle of Febreze - Perfect for giving your room a bit of a boost. Survey conducted by Terry’s Fabrics. 2000 respondents (1000 female, 1000 male). 6 Want to see how you measure up? Take our quiz here.