Waking up for work in the morning is tough enough as it is, but if you are also greeted each morning by the site of messy and tired old bedroom then you are definitely starting off each day on the wrong foot. Fortunately, you really can change the look of your bedroom without spending a fortune. A little creativity can go a long way, whether it's an afternoon project or just adding a few accessories, read on to find out all about easy bedroom makeovers

A fresh coat of paint is the cheapest change you can make to a room that will also have the most impact. Remember, you don't have to repaint your entire room; you can focus on a particular area that needs renovating or create a dramatic feature wall. The great thing about a feature wall is that it allows you to really concentrate not only all of your efforts, but also most of your funds. That expensive wallpaper that you really love is now completely within your grasp as you need a small amount. Finish a feature wall with some shelves to store your knick-knacks and help keep the finished room tidy.

Another idea for a feature wall is a home library- not as pricey as it sounds! Simply visit your local timber merchants and make use of the free cutting service to have some timber lengths cut to create a frame and shelving that fits your whole wall. Simply bracket the shelving to your wall, paint it any colour you like and fill it with your book collection, if you don’t quite have enough books to fill it but want the look any way, just visit your local charity shop were you can pick up books for as little as ten pence.

If your clothes are bursting out of the closet but you can’t afford a pricey wardrobe, why not set up a cheep and cheerful clothes rail in the corner of the room then section off the area with the help of some tension rods fitted to the ceiling and some lightweight curtain material. The finish is incredibly bo-ho and hardly costs a penny.

The bedroom is a person's sanctuary; above all it must offer comfort. Therefore your bed should be lavished with attention to make it as luxurious as possible. Duvet sets, luxury bedding, pillows, decorative cushions, valances and throws are all relatively inexpensive when weighted up against the effect they can have. For maximum effect you can even create your own headboard cheaply and quickly with nothing more than a length of chipboard for the back, a piece of foam for the padding and some fabric of your choice to cover. To put it all together all you will need is a staple gun, what could be simpler?

Headboards can be expensive. Try creative, inexpensive ideas such as using a section of a wrought iron or picket fence bought at a flea market.

Accessories can often make a huge difference for very little cost. Strategically place some decorative scented candles around the bedroom to give the room a tranquil ambience. Another great idea is to hang artwork on the walls. It does not have to be expensive, posters and reprints of good quality are readily available or, you could even use some of your own photographs to give the room a personal touch.

Numerous treasures can be found in second hand stores. You can unearth some hidden treasures such as decorative lamps, antique mirrors, wardrobes, dressers or even a mannequin to hang your clothes from, all at real bargain prices.

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