If you are stuck for ideas for your child’s bedroom or need a theme that will suit a girl or a boy, a nautical theme is a fantastic solution. Ocean themed children's bedrooms are popular choices that are uniquely able to grow with your child. It's simple to take a nursery that incorporates ocean or nautical motifs, replace a few items, and create a room that works well with an elementary or even middle school aged child.

Whether you want to focus on a particular nautical aspect, such as sailboats, ocean liners, and fishing boats or, you want to expand the theme to include sea animals or pirates, the possibilities are endless. While of course you can pick up bedspreads and accessories from the usual high-street department stores and pay the usual sky high prices, there are other increasingly popular ways of decking out your rooms that will save you a fortune.

A particularly handy way is through online discount sites, you can also find items in thrift stores, trendy boho markets or even the odd car boot sales- throw away culture means most things on sale are normally in perfect condition!

A nautical child bedroom typically uses navy, white, and red colours, but you can add some zing with bright yellows and even greens as accent colours if you choose.

Girl’s style bedroom- Colour choices really can make a difference, and if you want the room to have a decidedly feminine touch, play up the typical colours in pastels instead of bolds. Purchase dolls dressed in sailor outfits, and look for accent accessories such as small boats, oars, lighthouses, etc.

Boy’s style bedroom- If you want the room to be more “mini masculine” in design, then look for bolder pictures and accessories. You might want to feature a large print of a storm on the ocean. You could also purchase real nautical items, such as oars, life jackets, life rings, ropes, fishing nets, and even a small anchor. Adding a painted porthole or two to the bedroom wall is an option as well.

Neutral style bedroom- Neutral colours look great in a room designed for an older boy or girl. Again, you can add a feminine or masculine touch. Stick to colours like white, tan, or light blue, and add a few accent items, such as pillows and a throw rug with just a hint of red.

Brightly styled bedroom- A bright nautical child bedroom is always a favourite. Paint the room in bright blues and/or reds. You could even stripe a wall or add transfers for additional accents, or divide the room with a chair rail, using nautical design wallpaper on bottom with an accent colour on top. Place nautical shelves and knick-knacks throughout the room.

Window treatments-You can be as traditional or as whimsical as you choose with window treatments. For a fun look, use small oars as curtain rods and drape fish nets with a few shells attached across them at the top of the windows. Wooden blinds would look great in a neutral décor. Alternatively you could look for some coastal themed children’s curtains for a more playful approach.