Bedroom designs by colour – blue – part 5 – back to basics

We have looked at various different shades of blue to create stunning style in diverse and exciting ways within bedrooms. Today the colour remains the same, however, this post looks at a more traditionally styled bedroom using ivory and pale blue colour combinations. We all live in different styles of houses and homes and, thank goodness, we all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the way we decorate our bedrooms.

One thing that many people do have in common is the use of blue in bedrooms to create a calming, relaxing place to sleep. When teamed with ivory, pale blue offers a gentle look which is ideal for all styles and types of homes, in particular those with a country cottage theme or older styles of home which are looking for chic style and unobtrusive elegance. To create a striking interior you don't have to use loud, bold colours. More subtle shades provide chic taste which is refined and beautiful.

For some this may be a little old fashioned and appear out dated and yet for many they adore the simple styles which can be created effortlessly simply by choosing the right colours and filling a room with all the things they love! This style cries out for the use of patterned curtain fabrics which are unimposing and enable the eye to drift past them and out into the view beyond. If this sounds all too twee and twiddly, you could always reverse the style and use plain fabrics and patterned duvet covers to create a similar effect which draws the focus of attention to the bed rather than the window.

Experimentation is the key. Ask for samples from a fabric warehouse and make yourself a sample board or simply hold the samples against the window, the walls and the bed to see where they look best! The same applies if your unsure of which tone or shade of blue to use, match-pot paint samples and fabric samples will give you an idea of which shade suit your bedroom the best. You should look at the samples at different times of the day, as well as at night under artificial lighting, it's surprising how they will change according to the intensity of light in the room.

Don't forget that we are discussing bedrooms, which are predominately used at night for sleeping! However, you also wake up in the same room therefore the morning light has a huge part to play in the colour and patterns you choose!

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