Bedroom designs by colour – blue – part 4 – delicate duck-egg blue

Use delicate duck-egg blue and white to create a cool and very stylish bedroom that's ideal for peaceful slumber. Once summer arrives swap heavy curtains for something softer. If you’re a light sleeper, team with a black out curtains as a lining underneath or a blackout blind. Create country hotel chic by wallpapering a panel above the bed or using a statement headboard and compliment with crisp, plain white duvet covers.

Designs which have the merest touch of embroidery or delicate trim will take the attention away from the plainness to create a chic hotel look. Don't forget to dress the bed with the softest quilts and pillows for ultimate comfort. Add extra filled cushion the same shade as the curtains to tie the room together beautifully. Create a feeling of calm and serenity with symmetry.

Place matching bedside tables and lamps either side of the bed; this will not only provide symmetry it's also a logical and practical way to place bedroom furniture! By using full length ready made curtains you'll add height to the room and give the illusion of more space. If you have two windows on the same wall give the illusion of one large window by using one rather then two curtains poles.

That way you'll be able to cover the entire window with the curtains to give a chic and elegant refinement to the room. Team the curtain poles with the flooring which is another way to bring a sense of harmony and cohesion to the room. For example if you have wooden flooring opt for wooden curtain poles, likewise if you prefer a fitted carpet use a curtain track or paint the curtain poles the same colour. Look for soft neutrals, white or the same shade of duck-egg blue.

If your bedroom is south facing reduce the harsh sunlight by having plain fabric Roman blinds which can be lowered as the sun dips down across the sky. Blinds will also help reduce heat build-up during the summer and keep the room warm and snug during the winter. If you want a quick but cheap makeover swap the white duvet cover for floral or any other traditionally styled bedspreads. This works well when curtains and walls are kept plain, as they won't all be crying out for attention or compete against each other.

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