Bedroom designs by colour – blue – part 3 – modern cobalt blue

As we have seen in parts 1 and 2 of this mini series blue is the ideal colour to use in bedrooms of all shapes, sizes, and interior design styles. There is a shade of blue to suit every taste from the vibrant electric blues and intense cobalt blue to the paler shades of duck-egg blue. Each provides a completely different look and is individual as you want it to be. Cobalt blue is ideal for young people's bedrooms and a great transition colour to create a more grown-up and stylish look! Of course you don't have to have the entire room in cobalt blue it coordinates well with other colours within the same colour ranges such as red, orange, yellow or even pink; as long as the intensity of the colour is the same you won't go far wrong.  

Hotel style is definitely on-trend this year with the bedroom being one of the most appropriate rooms to adapt this style. Add personalised touches of wall art to make the room bespoke to the user and give it unique individuality. Patterned duvet covers are a great way to add interest to the room, likewise patterned curtain fabrics or blinds will also pep up the look without losing the style. Look for prints which are proportionate in size to the room to get the 'hotel' look, you should also try and incorporate bedside tables which are unpretentious so that the eye isn't distracted from the overall theme.

Rather than opt for matching bedside tables choose styles which are the same but with a different design, for example on could have a series of three small draws and the other only one draw. This will still provide a balanced look and yet again offers individuality. Remember that blue can be a cold colour so you need to use it wisely, in today's modern centrally heated homes the room itself may be warm and yet if the shade of blue is 'off kilter' it may make you feel physically cold! Cobalt blue is one of the shades to be wary of; it may work well for young people and children, however, older generations may prefer the gentler shades  in yesterday's post - Classical pale blue and white.

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