Bedroom decorating trends 6: 4 ways to being inspired!

When you are at a loss about what to include in your themed bedroom, there are plenty of interior design blogs or you might look at magazines in the home improvement stores for the latest interior design ideas and trends. You can find helpful articles on the Internet because themed bedrooms are a popular decorating trend for do-it-yourself makeovers and many professional interior designers like Terrys Fabrics, are willing to give you helpful tips!

  1. If you have an import speciality shop in the neighbourhood, it can provide great motivation for a themed bedroom. Since these types of stores will have many different locations represented, you might be able to find inspiration and you could run across some great accessories that fit your particular style.
  2. Mood lighting can also be energy saving and indirect lighting or rope lighting can be incorporated. You can take advantage of natural mood lighting that is diffused through leaded and stained glass windows, or consider the advantages of a skylight window. When strategically placed, you can look at the moon and stars during the night or take advantage of warming heat, during the day.
  3. Your bedding duvet cover sets should be comfortable and selecting plush, down-filled comforters or having different sizes of throw pillows on your bed can make an interesting focal point. You might consider patterned sheets and a solid coloured black duvet cover or opt for a plush and luxurious comforter, in dark, rich colours. You can dress up your headboard in a number of ways whether you utilise grapevines, twigs or rattan, which are popular. This can coordinate with rattan or wooden chairs in an intimate seating area, along with beautiful black rugs.
  4. Combining workspace with sleep space can allow you to jot down things that might keep you awake at night or allow you to complete the task quickly. If you are a person that tends to bring work home with you, consider the way that an attractive workspace can solve your problem- just don't let it get cluttered because it will distract from the room. If you like to check emails and browse the Internet until the 'wee' hours, it can be a convenient place to keep your laptop and paying bills online can be accomplished easily. With the bed nearby, you are more likely to be attracted to a good night's rest, which is what a stylish bedroom is designed for!

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