Bedroom decorating trends 5: furnishing your bedroom correctly

If you listen to experts, the decorating trends in furnishing your bedroom correctly means to make plenty of room for the things you love to be surrounded by. This might involve de-cluttering your space and organising it, but there are other helpful hints which we can offer which are far more exciting! Your furnishings can overpower your space because bedroom furniture sets come with multiple pieces that most people hate to separate.

Lighting is important because overhead lights hardly set the mood, in some homes. You need to arrange your bedroom furnishings to fit your active lifestyle, but you also need a peaceful, restful place to go to sleep. Paint colours in the bedroom should also induce a sense of calm. Trends in furnishing your bedroom correctly start from the floors and walls, working inwards.

Consider calming shades, but faux finishes can be accomplished with sponging on an accent colour and stencilling above window treatments can add a romantic touch. Floor and window treatments should be considered carefully. Ready made blackout curtains might help you sleep in, but you might consider Roman style ready made blinds or wooden Venetian blinds for a classy or romantic look. If you think about hardwood or slate floors, consider large area bedroom rugs, to keep them warm, underfoot. Lighting is a consideration because you might want to install indirect lighting and don't forget to include bedside tables with reading lamps.

Overhead light fixtures can be converted from the standard issue to a romantic ceiling fan light fixture and there are small crystal chandeliers that can give your bedroom the 'WOW' factor. You might want to include mosquito nets for your bed or other draping styles of canopies, to define focal points. Your mattress and bedding are the most important components, for your comfort. Not only are the proper colours important, but there is nothing like a down comforter on a cold night or the feel of silk sheets on a hot one!

Consider your linens and comforters for more than cosmetic appeal, but your mattress should be the best you can afford. Prices have become more affordable on pillow-top mattresses and memory foam can give you back support without the pressure points of standard mattresses. Accessorising your bedroom can include maximum effects like large graphic art.

A variety of mirrors and interesting statuary, candles or artefacts can match a theme or be coordinated as accents for your bedding and wall or floor colours. Decorating trends in furnishing your bedroom correctly involves leaving plenty of space for doing the things you like to do, besides sleeping! You can always use extra furniture in other parts of your home.

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