Bedroom decorating trends 4: boost the style of your bedroom

If you visit hotels occasionally, there are some that offer you more luxury and comfort than you have at home. For most people, this occasional outing might be related to a holiday and others might need to stay in hotels many nights per year, on business. Regardless, there are some features you can take home to turn your bedroom into a personal retreat. These are just a few basics to boost the style of your bedroom, but they can be easily overlooked, if you have a busy life.

Your lighting fixtures can create different moods and they can become the focal point of your room. Depending on your tastes, incorporate bold, modern fixtures, a romantic chandelier, a palm-bladed ceiling fan light fixture or modern track lighting. Changing your lighting fixtures is an affordable way to boost the style of your room and set the mood of your space. Decorating trends to boost the style of your bedroom include embellishing your bed's headboard.

The most luxurious hotels might do this with canopy draping on a four-poster bed or by adding luxury drapery panels to a decorative valance that spans the width of your bed, adding dimensional interest. Known as a bed crown, it boosts your bedroom's style, but it can be easy for the average-skilled do-it-yourself-er to make. You can experiment with different styles, such as adding a ceiling medallion, encased with gathered silk curtain fabric suspending them from the ceiling.

If you prefer a romantic island escape, suspend a large hoop from the ceiling, gathering gauzy voile curtain fabric around it, to form an exotic canopy. High-quality bedding is another feature that many hotels have implemented for additional comfort. It used to be that 180-threads per inch were the standard, but now there are many luxury hotels that use more than 300-count sheets and piling on the pillows are a must! You can incorporate coordinating fabrics to spice up your décor and layering different sizes allows you to arrange them in a variety of ways, to change the look of your bed.

Don't forget to invest in 'down' comforters and you can find 'down' pillow inserts. For those that want more traditional duvet covers bedding, there are a number of choices that feel good against the skin and make your bed look more luxurious. Add rugs at the bottom and sides of your bed to make the room feel homely, yet with the hotel look!

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