Bedroom decorating trends 3: themed bedroom makeovers

Have you thought about a themed bedroom makeover, but have no idea where to start? If you are like many people, you might have a certain mood you hope to convey in your bedroom, but you can't quite grasp the concept of making it come together. Decorating trends in bedroom makeovers are leaning towards themed retreats that offer a peaceful oasis away from the rest of the hectic world. For some people, that's a Paris-inspired bedroom and others want an island-themed or Moroccan-themed bedroom because of their unique styles. Whether you are striving for romantic, dramatic or laid-back, it's possible to create your own themed bedroom makeover, with a few helpful hints. Relaxing Functions: If you think about the functions you want to be able to perform in your space, it can make it easier. The treadmill that acts as a clothes hanger should be removed and consider adding a sitting area or writing desk, for example. A French chaise-lounge can be a great place to read your favourite books, in a Paris-themed bedroom. Adding a romantic-inspired vanity is a great place to put on your make-up or an entertainment centre wall might be part of your plans, but choose items that fit the theme you are after, yet provide functions that are enjoyable and peaceful. Inspiration Pieces: Choose particular items to be your inspiration pieces. It might be an oriental Buddha statue, Indian rugs or a Moroccan tapestry. If you have a favourite seashell collection, it could be the inspiration for your wall colours or bedding and curtain sets. If you select your accessories first and they are related to your theme, it might help you with colour choices, artwork and other furnishings. Plants: Don't forget certain trees and plants for your themed retreat. An island-themed bedroom might benefit from palm trees, while an Oriental-themed bedroom would benefit from bamboo plants. French-inspired rooms might feature yellow roses or blue hyacinths in a silk-flower arrangement. Adding plants to your theme can help you carry it out. Colour Palettes: When choosing a theme for your room, there are certain colour palettes that tend to be most popular with certain ethnic choices. While a Spanish-inspired bedroom might feature terracotta, cobalt blue, sunny yellow and reds or greens, a Parisian-inspired bedroom might feature duck egg blue bedding and yellow accessories. Moroccan-themed bedrooms might contain bright purples rugs, burgundies and gold, but an island-inspired bedroom will feature whites, beige and light turquoise!

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