Bedroom Decorating Trends 2: Budget-Minded Bedroom Makeovers

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

If you are tired of your bedroom, there are budget-minded bedroom makeovers that are easily accomplished. A total makeover can be accomplished with a fresh coat of paint, cheap bedding sets and a few DIY projects, such as lacquering bedside tables and lamps. Some people get tired of the bedroom style they have chosen, because there wasn't any forethought, so it is easier to accomplish a makeover, when you know what you want! You can add a lot of style to your room with paint colours and finishes.

If you want a luxurious look on the cheap, think about faux treatment. By purchasing a second complimentary colour and some sponges, you can accomplish this high-dollar look on a shoestring! Before you purchase other furnishings, upgrading your walls is an affordable option to set the theme of your room. Some people install a chair rail and use the treatment on the lower third of the room.

Another painting idea is to use painter's tape for colourful stripes, if you are looking for a bold, contemporary look or pastels for subtle interest. Your flooring is another major concern, but if you have heavy soiling or stains, designer rugs are cheaper than carpet replacement and add great interest to the room, through texture, colour or interesting shapes. A good carpet shampoo will make a major difference and it's a small investment to keep your carpet looking new and extends its life.

Lamps can be updated with a coat of special-effect spray paint, such as granite, crackling or antiquing. Consider a refresh of your ceiling fan blades with a colourful coat of lacquer or a new globe for the light fixture. These things only cost a few pounds, but they can set the mood for your room and add a focal point, with a little forethought.

Don't overlook accessories and adding mirrors of different sizes reflect the light and add interest to your walls, besides being functional. Consider a grouping in different sizes or make a headboard from long, rectangular mirrors, hung closely to each other. When considering interesting accessories, de-cluttering is a must because a few statement pieces are better than a bunch of trinkets.

Don't forget to add interesting window treatments. You can make valances from twigs or grapevine for a natural look. Cheap Venetian blinds can be bought pre-stained to look like they are made from rich, expensive woods – also a much more eco-friendly approach.

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