Bedroom decorating trends: 1 - a comfortable and cosy bedroom retreat

While most people strive to make their bedroom comfortable and cosy, it can be easier said than done! Interior designers will say for you to think about the functionality of your bedroom and the type of mood you want your space to display. Unless you are a single woman, you shouldn't lean towards too much feminine quality, although the bedroom is considered a more feminine room, in traditional decorating trends.

Today's decorating trends are designing for a cosy, comfortable look that is unisex, making them adaptable to either gender. There are many people that are leaning towards natural finishes and materials, such as a stone wall or a slate tile floor. Bamboo wood flooring and ready made blinds are popular for those that are into renewable and sustainable bedroom designing. Most people want a relaxing retreat and that can be accomplished through bedding ensembles, textured area rugs and even rugged architecture can be incorporated into a suite that appears to be from a romantic mountain lodge.

When you are thinking about comfortable and cosy bedrooms, there are a number of features that can invoke a warm, fuzzy feeling. Paint colours are part of a warm, cosy and comfortable bedroom, meaning you should choose warm colours such as browns, gold shades and even shades like burnt orange or terracotta can be ideal choices.

It is difficult to achieve a warm feeling when your walls are painted in cool colours like blue, grey, white, or bright shades of yellow and pastel greens. While green is a colour that is relaxing, it might be better to consider darker shades like hunter green, if you want a cosy, relaxing space. This can depend on the size of your room because darker shades will make your room appear smaller, so you might want to consider an accent wall, in certain cases.

Don't forget to think about a canopy or netting enclosure for your bed because this is another way to add cosiness to your bedroom retreat. It's easy to take a large macramé hoop and gather some long sheer voile curtain fabric around it and suspend it from the ceiling, for a romantic look that is easy to achieve. With a little creativity, you can utilize the latest decorating trends and achieve a comfortable and cosy bedroom that is perfect for either gender.

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