Bedroom decorating ideas 7: keeping it stylishly simple

In the final post of our mini-series on bedroom decorating ideas we're going to keep things simple – quite literally with some contemporary ideas with the 'less is more' approach. When you think of bedrooms solely as a place to rest and sleep keeping it simple is very easy to achieve! All you need is a bed with plain cheap bed linen, lighting, the plainest of bedside storage, a mirror and ready made curtains at your window to provide you with privacy.

Keeping everything plain, no wall art, no patterns on the floor or on the bedding and simple yet very stylish look can be achieved. Use white or very soft pastel tones for the walls, either a plain beige carpet or light coloured laminate flooring such as beech will be ideal for the floor, to add a subtle injection of colour plain black rugs add a aesthetically pleasing look and ground the room perfectly. To add cohesion, scatter cushions in charcoal grey neatly lined up on the bed bring the colours together and help balance the room.

For added interest and to keep the room from looking boring than stylishly simple further colour can be added with the help of a green foliage plant – no flowers please otherwise the look will lose it identity. Rather than table lamps hang pendant lights really low, you're not trying to obtain a completely symmetrical look, so just have a couple on one side of the bed just above the bedside storage surface.

This look may appear very sparse to some people, however, by keeping it simple, very neat and tidy your bedroom can take on a whole new dimension which is chic, stylish and embraces this year's trend of being eco-friendly in a contemporary way. If you a fan of no clutter or fuss this style of bedroom is ideal; it's also a cost-effective bedroom style if you're on a tight budget!

To get the look correct, and not make it look as if you're decorating on a tight shoe string (irrespective of whether you are or not) choose soft tones which give a look of peaceful calm and whatever you do, remember to make the bed everyday and never leave clothes strewn over the floor – this look is oozing style not crying out to be tidied up!

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