Bedroom decorating ideas 6: when your bedroom needs an overhaul

For years you have tried to spruce up your bedroom décor with new curtains, bedspreads and small accessories but the same old feeling keeps creeping back into the space. This is when you know that your bedroom needs a full overhaul. As we age, our taste in design sometimes also changes and starting with a fresh slate and re-evaluating your likes and dislikes needs to be done.

The first item to consider in redecorating a bedroom is your lifestyle. Is your sleeping area a place where you visit for comfort, quiet or to get away from it all or is it a room where you spend little time outside of slumber?

Think about how much time you actually spend in this room and why. Also, if you have a partner that shares your bedroom, his or her interactions are important. If they are not equally happy with the décor, all of your time and effort will have gone up in smoke. You are trying to create a mood of pleasure and unification and not remorse. Make the overhaul a joint effort and you will find your room coming together more quickly.

Colour radiates a certain mood in all of us and the bedroom needs to speak in quiet tones. Bright reds or blues are very seldom restful unless calmed down with some type of natural pigments of browns, tans or greys. It can be difficult to imagine being surrounded by a certain colour by holding a paint strip up to the wall. There are many home-decorating sites online that can offer the ambience of a room's mood by the paint colour.

This move is well worth your time. Wallpaper holds the same affect in creating a restful scene. Never place a busy pattern in the bedroom where the print seems to take on a life of its own when you are agitated or finding it difficult to fall asleep. It is difficult for the mind to float into nothingness when there is a lot of mind stimulating activity on your walls.

If you do select a pattern, go with a print that is spread out and sweeping, such as leaves floating in the wind or wisps of earth tones. Floors may not seem a big deal but they actually tie a room together with their presence. Wood is popular because it is warm and natural. Carpeting should bring a similar tone by staying neutral or light in colour.

Dark colours pull the light from a room but can be used as accents in designer rugs or favourite accessories. Your bed is your castle where the day's stresses should fade away and be replaced with pleasant dreams. Faux leather is an excellent choice for surrounding yourself with a natural yet appealing outline for your slumber. Dressed with your favourite super king size bedding and ready made blackout curtains will turn your room into a place that you can relax and drift off to sleep easily.

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