Bedroom decorating ideas 4: guest rooms

Guest rooms are always a dilemma and if you're not careful can become a room which is devoid of any real purpose or meaning. Guest rooms in your home should be friendly, welcoming bedrooms. You want to leave a good impression on the guests who spend the night or a couple of days over at your house. These will probably be friends of yours or family members.

Sometimes you might have college students arriving in town spend a night or two and you want to help make them feel comfortable. While making your guest rooms welcoming, you will also give them an overall feel of your own personal image too.

So you may design it around a theme such as plants, metal furnishings, cedar furnishings, black and white décor, or something like South-western, Far Eastern, Renaissance for example. This way you leave your personality's imprint upon your guests.

This might not seem very important to you but it will actually deepen their experiences in your home. (Of course if you have a guest stay over who doesn't like your theme they'll probably never sleep over again, but that might be a good thing for you!)

Guest bedrooms need to be well-lit and nicely furnished. You want your guests to have pleasant experiences and feel welcome, not stumbling around in dim light or finding that they don't have any place to put their clothes except for on the floor. The bed in your guest room should be large, probably a queen or king. This way you can accommodate the size of any guest, and if a couple sleep over they'll be able to snuggle in each other's arms for the night.

A comfortable mattress is also called for. Duck-down pillows can also be placed on the guest room bed. Imagine that you will be sleeping in here yourself and how you would want the bedroom to be for you. Colours in the guest room are up to you, but you probably should try to stay with neutral colours unless you're building the room's interior around a colour-theme, such as black and white.

This way you don't make the guest room too light for someone who prefers darker colours and you don't make it too dark for those who prefer lighter shades. In your guest room ready made blackout curtains should be harmonised with the style and colour of the room are a great idea as they allow good lighting in during the day and alleviate the problem of artificial light pollution at night.

Make the guest room well-lit with an overhead central light, wall sconce lamps and table lamps UK. You might also include a desk with a reading lamp and a chair. If the floors are bare wood, put down a couple of cheap rugs for added aesthetics.

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