Bedroom Decorating Ideas 1: Tips To Choosing Master Bedroom Curtains

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Here at Terrys Fabrics we're asked for ideas for the most suitable window dressings for bedrooms; so, this week we're going to give you some interior design ideas with the emphasis being placed on window dressings. To begin this mini series we start with the master bedroom. Your master bedroom is your room for rest, rejuvenation, privacy, entertainment, and romance.

Master bedroom considerations

The master bedroom curtains should reflect these qualities and help them to be enhanced. Not just your bedroom curtains, but also every other bit of décor in your master bedroom should reflect the qualities that you desire to experience. When you go to select the curtains for your master bedroom, you first want to look at the colours.

Colour choices and options

The colours should of course be one or some of those that you really like, but they also need to go along with the rest of the bedroom's décor. If you happen to like darker colours, you can use curtains to bring a dramatic flair to the room, but you'll also make the room less sunlit. The room will also give the illusion of being smaller than it is. On the other hand, lighter colours for the curtains will make your bedroom brighter and make it seem larger. It's a matter of personal taste which you would prefer, but the majority of people go with lighter-colours for their master bedroom.

Complimentary soft furnishings

Next, you can enhance the look and feel of your master bedroom with area rugs. Of course, you may have the entire bedroom carpeted, but a lot of people prefer the look and feel of wooden floors. If you're one of those people, you can put down throw rugs to warm your feet in chilly months or just for aesthetic purposes. The great thing about bedroom rugs is that they can be easily changed and cleaned. You might even change them to reflect the seasons, or to go along with a holiday theme.

Dark rugs can be used to artfully contrast with light curtains so that you have good lighting and some romance, or you can coordinate the colours to be the same or very similar to give a uniform look. This can be a very classy part of your décor especially if your curtains have patterns on them and you're able to find the same or similar patterns on designer rugs. The choice of lights is important for the master bedroom.

You'll want some cheap table lamps for the night stands, and there are many, many different lamp shades to choose from to reflect your style. The style of table lamps and shades can be used to go along with a particular theme: South-western, coastal, Renaissance, etc. This is also true of the bed linen and duvet cover sets. Even your choice of furniture in the master bedroom can go along with some theme, be those items wood, metal, ceramic, or something else. For more practical lighting use wall lights or ceiling fan lights.

Always light "up" your vanity mirror, as lighting "down" causes shadows that you don't want! Don't forget to outfit your master bedroom with your favourite electronics if you're into a high-tech approach. Put in a flat screen TV with a DVD player. Have a stereo system and a PC or a desk for your laptop. Whereas if you want a bedroom which is a wind-down zone steer well away from any gadgetry and choose soothing, restful colour schemes.

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