Bedding- a home is for living not just looking

All too frequently in homes past and homes present, the living room has enjoyed its status as the room we are quick to lavish in expensive fabric and furnishings. Not that this isn’t entirely understandable, our living rooms are where we entertain and hopefully impress our guests. Home owners are savvy enough to know nowadays that the home is often used as barometer with which friends, family and neighbours use to gauge our success, personality and taste. We must keep up with the Jones’s!


Impressing the neighbours is all well and good, what about the other 99% of the time when there is nobody to impress? An interactive advertisement that could have come straight from the pages of a glossy interior design magazine may look fabulous but after a hard days work to pay for that uber cool Barcelona chair, just how comfortable are you trying to snuggle up to your loved one whilst perched on it?


Don’t worry the answer is not an inflatable carpet topped with beanbags filled with marshmallows (although…). No the solution actually lays elsewhere in the home- the bedroom. If we think of our living room is our Sunday best then our bedrooms are our cotton pyjamas. The living room is what we want the neighbours to believe about us; the bedroom however is who we truly are! If there are one or two crimson faces presently, never fear, a remedy is at hand. Fancy or pricey décor is not needed. The bedroom is your sanctuary; it is your private hideaway after a busy day.


The bedroom offers you time to reflect and collect your thoughts. As such, it does not require much work because tranquillity is key to a successful bedroom. Everything should be paired down and clutter free. The intention is to cut out all distractions and hints of other things the room might be used for and centre everything on the bed. This means no computer desks, no exercise bikes and certainly no telephone! Once have done this you are ready to have fun and get creative. The bed and more importantly the choice of bedding, is were you should be as extravagant as plush and as generous as possible.


This is the sole area of your home were you are indulging purely in your own comfort with no worries of what anybody else might prefer so just this once treat yourself! Think throws, pillows, decorative cushions, rich patterned fabrics, luxury duvet covers , satin- picture it in your head; if it makes you feel like a nap... buy it! Your sanctuary should be treated with the correct amount of gravitas. No doubt once you have finally finished clearing your clutter to rediscover your carpet and added all the finishing touches to your perfect haven, you will discover it is now probably a perfect time to test it out. Bliss.

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