Bed pillow recommendations: to match your style, comfort requirements and budget

We’re a little spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping around for the perfect bed pillow of our dreams. Although with so much variety and choice available in stores it can make the job of pin pointing which is the one for you even harder. Finding a bed pillow that matches your style, comfort requirements and overall budget may seem a little tricky at first.

Double divan bed in brown, with cream mattress

However with these helpful bed pillow recommendations and tips it should make the task all the more easier and have you quickly on the way to acquiring that dream pillow of your own.

Bed pillow style & comfort

Bed pillows themselves vary in shape, size and the type of filling they have inside can also influence the way they look and feel. So when it comes to the style of bed pillow and the comfort you may be looking for here are a few suggestions that might help:
  • Soft and plush: Feather pillows are not only soft and typically longer lasting than most synthetic pillows but can also be plumped and shaped in any way you’d like when styling and arrange your bed. They’re also light weight which makes them easy to carry with you should you travel from place to place.
  • Firm and shapely: Foam pillows are great for sleepers who prefer a firmer feel form a pillow that also keeps its shape even after a peaceful night’s sleep. Due to its density this type of pillow keeps its shape well so you’ll have no need to continuously plump them up in the mornings when making the bed to ensure they keep their style and look.
  • Bed space fillers: If you’re feeling creative and like to add a decorative look and feel to your own bed, then a Bolster pillow maybe perfect for you. Not only are they an ideal decorative touch to add to your bed pillow arrangement but can also be used to relieve aches and pains depending on the size of bolster you choice whether big or small.
Pair of pillows in a plastic bag


Last but not least we move onto budget, because the type of bed pillow budget you have may reflect on the quality or style of pillow you can buy within your price range. Although it’s important to take into account that spending more or less on your pillow investment doesn’t always guarantee quality.

A bed pillow can cost anything from £3 to £100 or more depending on the material quality, brand and specialist store you purchase them from. Although whether you have a lower, medium or higher set budget to purchase your dream bed pillows, there are often mid range priced pillow products you can buy of the same type to suit any chosen budget.

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