Bed pillow manufacturers: the 8 things you need to know when making a pillow purchase

Believe it or not the type of pillow you rest your head upon plays an important part in a good night’s sleep. The pillows we sleep on come into contact with our neck and facial area that require both comfort and support throughout the night. Therefore it’s important you find the right one to prevent discomfort and unnecessary aches and pains. So here are eight things you need to know to find the pillow that’s perfect for you.
  • Do your pillow research– Do some research before purchasing anything whether in store or online. Learn what different pillow types there are available to buy, benefits they have and by doing this it should be easier for you to differentiate between the different types and which would suit you best.
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  • Have a budget in mind - Set yourself a total budget for how much you’re willing to spend on your pillow purchase. This way you’ll be able to understand what range, type and quality of pillow products you can receive for your money.
  • Quantity - How many pillows do you really need for a good night’s sleep? Some people may prefer one or two where as others require a few more it’s really down to personal preference. However the more pillows you have the more costly it can become , so taking into account your overall budget know just what kind of quality and quantity of bed pillows you really need.
  • Understand your sleeping needs - The next thing to consider are your own sleeping and bodily needs, for example do you suffer with things such as asthma or neck pain. If so there are pillow products available to help ease problems like this to help give you a more and comfortable night’s sleep like memory foam pillows to hypo allergenic products.
  • Shapes - Pillows in fact come in a variety of shapes and sizes all of which offer different benefits to you and your body whilst you sleep. Shapes such as contour, wedge, knee, body pillows and more are available offering uniquely tailored support to any sleeper.
  • Filling– The filling you choose is equally important because with each type of filling there is available comes a different overall feel from soft to firm. There are many choices of fillings to try from feathers to foam, cotton and more so get a feel for the types of filling that may suit you best.

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  • Caring for your pillows – It’s recommended that you replace your pillows every 1 to 2 years, however there are ways in which you can care for your pillows to make them a lasting investment. Look into ways you can look after them such as using pillow protectors or simply using the correct laundry methods to clean them.
  • Firsthand experience – Although browsing online and flipping through page after page of pillows is one way to build your pillow know how nothing beats firsthand experience. So test and try before you buy.

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