Despite how much we may fall in love with our bed linen and pillows, eventually there comes a time when we need to replace them. Ideally it’s recommended that you replace any bed pillow purchased within a 1 to 2 year period. This is because dust particles, skin cells, dirt and oil can become absorbed into the woven fabrics making them not so appealing to sleep on.     However rather than taking that poor old pillow and linen straight to the bin, why not try out 8 of these recycling techniques to give them a renewed purpose in your own home. 1.  Weave your own rug – There can be nothing better to decorate your living room or bedroom floor than a rug, in fact a woven rag rug upcycled from those beautifully colourful printed bed linen. 2. Give your pet some comfort – Whether you have a faithful canine or cosy feline you can actually repurpose any old pillow or cushion into a comfortable pet bed for them to sleep on. Simply 3.  Make a quilt – A lot of the bed linen we buy is no doubt printed with a mixture of beautiful patterns that complement our bedroom style. However  if stains or frayed edges have made your bedding look a little worse for wear , then simply use sections of the fabric that are still in good condition for a personal fabric project. 4.  Plumping up -  If you happen to find yourself with some cushions that just lack that plump fluffy feeling in your living room , then simply unpicking the seams and adding a bit more is sure to make them better. 5.  Materials for all your crafty projects – If you’re quite the crafter and love getting your hands into some creative projects then using the stuffing from your own pillow may come in handy for anything from stuffed handmade teddy bears and more. 6. For drafty winter months - During those cold winter months things can get a little drafty around the house. Causing chilling goose bumps you’ll want to keep that cold draft out and the warm air in and one way to do that is by making your own draft excluder. 7.   Perfect  packing – Whether you’re moving home or simply storing away some delicate possessions you can use the stuffing of your pillows as packing to ensure your things stay safe and sound. 8.   Give them away – There are no doubt places locally where you could donate your own bedding and pillows such as animal shelters where they are surely to be appreciated. Be sure to pre-wash all bedding or pillows before you try out these tips to just ensure they’re clean before use. We hope you find these tips helpful and that you create some great recycling projects without the need to throw your much loved linen and pillows away.