Like any proactive mum and dad you want to make your home child safe to prevent any potential mishaps or accidents whilst your little ones potters around. Although when night time comes around and the bed time routine begins, any parent wants peace of mind in knowing their toddler is cosy and safe in bed with the help of a bed rail. If you’re in the midst of transferring your tiny toddler from their crib to big kid bed, but would like a little more insight into what to consider when shopping for the ideal bed rail to keep your little one safe here are 7 things to keep in mind.
  1. Material - Bed rails come available in a variety of base materials from metals and woods to more cushioned fabrics.  The fabric cover types often specially tailored with mesh are softer to touch for your baby as they move around during the night and settle into bed. This also helps to prevent any injury or bumps whilst they sleep giving you extra peace of mind. 
  2. Quality - Check the quality of any product before you decide to buy whether instore or online because your little ones safety is a key interest. Many people today read up on a variety of written product reviews online to better understand what fellow parent’s experiences have been like with a specific product in particular.
  3. Budget - Consider how much you are willing to spend on the bed rail for your toddler. This will help you to build a better awareness as to what products on the market you can find that offer you both great quality and features within your price range.
  4. Easy installation - Another important point is looking into how easy each bed rail is to install within the bed frame, to ensure your toddlers safety during the night.  This is also handy should you need to move the bed rail to a separate bed at any occasion.
  5. Security - Be sure to pay attention to how the bedrail is secured to your little ones bed frame, make sure that it doesn’t come away from the bed itself when weight is applied, if its pulled or moved in any direction.
  6. Easy to store - Once you’re done with the bed rail whether changing the bed sheets or taking it off during story time or play , consider how easy it is to fold and store away. Consider looking into purchasing a bed rail that can lift both up and down making it easy to move your toddler in and out of bed.
  7. Single rail or double -  Last but not least take into account the arrangement of your toddlers bedroom and where within it that the new big bed is going to be placed. If the bed is being positioned against a secure wall then you’ll only require a single rail for extra safety, however if this isn’t the case bare in mind you may need to invest in two.

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