Finding the perfect bed for your home can be a little trickier than it first may seem because although pottering on down to your nearest bed showroom may seem like a good idea, there’s a bit more to it than the odd catnap on each bed available in store.  So if you’re scratching your head at which bed to choose that will give you both a worthwhile investment in your home as well as the perfect night’s sleep, then here is a short guide of 10 things to consider when choosing a bed for your own home whether a bed base or box spring.

  1. Easy to move from A to B - A bed that’s easy to transport is both convenient and less hassle especially if you’re moving house. So consider that most box springs can come in two halves where as some bed bases may come unassembled.
  2. Hassle free or flat pack DIY Whether you’re a pro flat pack assembler or not, if you want to save time and effort consider this when selecting your own bed at home.
  3. Mattress life - Believe it or not your choice in bed base can also influence the life in your mattress, for example the even support of a box spring base (divan) can extend the life of your mattress due to its build. Whereas this may differ with a standard bed base because the bed centre is less structured than the box spring itself.

 4.  Tall or short – Another thing to consider is the ideal height required for your bed of choice, box spring’s offer a higher bed level where as bed frames can be lower.   5.  Bed design – Take into account the overall design look you want to compliment your bedroom, do you want a bed with a sophisticated design or something more subtle. 6. Price and budget – Putting a personal budget in place is always a good planning point when it comes to any new home investment, knowing how much you’re willing to spend will give you a better idea as to the range in bed styles you can acquire for your money. 7.  Interior’s styling – Consider what kind of look you’re going for in your room of choice. Although box springs may come in a selection of covered fabrics, standard bed’s however come available in different finishes and styles that may better compliment the look you’re going for. 8. Storage – Are you wanting to clutter free minimalistic look and feel in your bedroom or will you want to make use of all that under bed space for storage.

 9.  Bed versatility – Over time our home décor can change, so ideally when looking into purchasing a bed for your home whether bed base or box spring take into account its design versatility. 10.  Positive buying experience – Where you purchase your ideal bed is just as important as our previous points, everyone wants a helpful and fuss free buying experience when choosing the perfect bed.

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