Mesmerising, calming and beautiful, fish tanks can be used throughout your home to add visual interest and colour. Gone are the days of a solitary goldfish swimming round in a bowl looking forlorn, today you can beautify your home with some amazing aquariums built into walls and furnishings. Master Bedroom: bf62a437caafc4587db03afcf02f03c6

Fino MLG Top

Gaze at an underworld scene while relaxing in bed. Entire walls are designed to give an unusual focal point in a master bedroom. bedroom with aquarium over bed

Home & Decor

This fish tank bed has an aquarium headboard for a unique take on bedroom fish tanks. Kitchen: Kitchen-aquarium

Architecture and Design

Designed specifically for the kitchen, this tank allows you keep tropical specimens just for gazing at or homes fresh lobsters, crabs and fish ready for cooking. c36147160fd79eeb_0987-w500-h666-b0-p0--modern-kitchen


This tank is built-in to the wall of a kitchen, giving a unique look that's visually more interesting than rows of saucepans. Living Room: 1-Aquarium-Architecture

Home Design Lover

Modern aquariums have a sleek line and are housed in walls to suits modern and contemporary living. Black-coffee-table-fish-tank

Glass Fish Tanks

Fish tank coffee tables are making it big in modern tank designs. they're a great way of having a fish tank without it taking up valuable floor or surface space. Dining Room: 7d3ebb740ec24507


This stunning dining room show cases a huge aquarium that compliments the style of the room beautifully. wall-fish-tanks

Lush Home

Go for a more unusual way to display tropical fish in this tank that spans over the top of a dining room door. Hallway: 13619de1053e4929_5334-w618-h411-b0-p0--contemporary-hall


Give your hallway a fresh, clean look with a tank built into the wall so that it doesn't take up floor space. 1076_main

Opulent Items

If you have a small hallway opt for a small wall-mounted tank. Conservatory: gallery-25-4

Cannon Conservatories

Conservatories aren't really the right type of place for a fish tank as they get far too hot in the summer. However, this open top tank can be bought inside during the winter to help protect fish from the inclement weather and put back into the garden during the summer when the temperature becomes too high inside the conservatory. a863113aa39fb505cb28fc74779cde39


This steam-punk fish tank is ideal for a shady corner of a conservatory. Children's Bedroom: 131474095616213426801601197_BOAT_CHILLE

Animal Planet

Children love aquariums, so why not add one to their room. This boat-style bed comes with an aquarium built-in. fish-tank-daughters-room

Aquarium Life

Kids are fascinated by fish swimming around inside a tank, so add one to their bedroom to calm and stimulate their minds. Stairs: 21fac939140c0da0d464cf43f22c0c20


Give your stairwell visual impact with a cylindrical tank. c20542339640dc4e74c01410cc61a844


Alternatively utilise the space under the space to house an aquarium. Bathroom: bathroom-tank

Somuch Viral

Lay back and relax in the bath and stare at the fish going about their business in this awesome three panel aquarium. Fish-Tank-Aquarium-Sink

Hi Consumption

Add a touch f whimsy to your bathroom with a sink aquarium. You'll be able to watch the fish while you brush your teeth! Bar: 54537-700x525

Furniture Fashion

This aquarium is suspended from the ceiling so it doesn't take up valuable drinking space. custom-bar-fish-tank-man2

Aquarium Group

Use your home bar as a huge fish tank. Den: 38735053fd6b11db3467d0725112f3f6


This aquarium is awesome, enabling you to play pool and watch the fish. image


Add a fish tank to your den to add colour and dimension to a plain wall. Home Office: Black-aquarium-for-the-office


This contemporary black fish tank is perfect for a home office. When you get stressed, step back and watch the fish for a while. CACKm33UUAABvia


Have a constant reminder of your clients across the pond with this amazing take on a classical free-standing fish bowl.