White is a timeless colour for kitchens and the while the demise of white flat-pack kitchens has been a godsend we are beginning to see white kitchens make a resurgence in the world of interior design. Perhaps this is in part due to the fact that white is regarded as a clean and hygienic colour, making it the ideal choice in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms where these two factors are of the utmost importance. As we've already discovered white can also make rooms appear larger, so small kitchens will benefit being white. Traditional or contemporary a white kitchen remains the most popular colour choice. Even wooden kitchen cupboards are being painted white to refresh them without having the expense of having to buy new. Although white kitchen floors are seen, it's more viable to use a durable light wood or tiles for flooring. These pale colours will also help to give your kitchen a firm and robust looking base. If you wish to take the harshness away large rugs can bring both comfort and style to white kitchens; although it may be more practical not to use a white rug if your back door is in your kitchen! Kitchen windows need to allow as much light as possible enter the room. Kitchen blinds are an all time favourite which are both practical and functional. If you prefer a soft look why not try cheap curtains in a continental café style? These are easy to install as you can use tension rods or if you choose narrow diameter curtain poles you can add extra curtain pole brackets if you have a large kitchen window to give central support to the pole. To break the sometimes tedious look of all white the latest black granite work surfaces make a superb contrast. However, to stay true to the concept of a totally white kitchen white tiles and surfaces should be used. You can always add splashes of an accent colour by choosing natural products to display, such as a variety of fresh fruit displayed in a white fruit basket or a white tiered cake-stand filled with on-trend cup-cakes! Take a look outside when the garden is frosted or covered in snow to see how clean and pure it looks (prior to the slushy stage!) and be inspired to give your kitchen a fresh new look this year.

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