Have you ever considered white for a children's bedroom? Probably not unless you have a daughter who loves the princess theme and either you or her doesn’t particularly like pink! All white bedrooms as we saw in yesterday's post can look clinical and uninviting if you don't add a variety of textures and different materials. With white being representative of pureness and innocence in many ways it makes it an ideal colour choice for a girl's bedroom; with perhaps parents liking the idea of keeping their daughter's young innocence protected? White is also representative of peacefulness and tranquillity making it perfect for bedrooms. As we know white can also make rooms look larger and more spacious, so if you have a small bedroom white can help to increase its size visually, however, in large bedrooms if you don't have any variations in materials it can make the room look very empty and cold. As white can be boring and bland it's essential to add depth and character to the room, otherwise it can easily look as if you can't be bothered to add colour to a blank canvas! If you're going for a princess theme you can add lace, ruffles and sheer fabrics for the duvet sets and bedspreads uk. To add contrast large rugs with a long pile or sheepskin rugs will help ground the theme and break-up the monotony. You should also ensure that your daughter likes white otherwise it could play havoc with her emotions – some people sat it represents sadness and loneliness. In some countries white is a used for mourning, so use it wisely! To get the fairy princess look the bed should be the focal point in the room. Use a coronet styled canopy or make your own from childrens curtains in a lightweight sheer fabric. Pile the bed with boudoir styled cushions in various shapes, sizes and fabrics to add contrast to the duvet set. I also believe that at least one of the accessories should have a hint of another colour, even if a simple thing such as a vase of fresh flowers. Try and use furniture which is also interesting – a tall-boy with variations of draw sizes, a bed side table with interesting handles or candelabra to add height to the room. White bedrooms for children aren't the norm – however, if you want to treat your 'princess' to epitomise virginal, purity white is the colour to go for!

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