It seems appropriate to look at winter whites this week. The freezing temperatures, snow and ice leave everything with a shimmering layer of beautiful white – which can be used to inspire beautiful interiors. The use of white is not a new concept and all white rooms have seen a slight decline in recent years. However, we can look for interior design ideas and inspirations from Scandinavia, especially as this style is bang on-trend this year. You may have noticed that rarely are room entirely white; some are used with natural wood colours and contemporary interiors usually have one bright accent colour included, even if it's is just one accessory. While I can hear some of you saying 'white is not a colour in its own right' if we look closer you'll see that white usually has a hint of another colour within it – think along the lines of icebergs, they have a beautiful natural blue sheen, and you can always use tints and the palest hues if you don't want to use a brilliant white. For those of you renovating Victorian (and older) homes , remember that brilliant white paint wasn't available so if you want to stay true to the colour schemes used don't include brilliant white, instead choose pale ivory or creams – natural lime washes could also be used and be in keeping with the age of the property. Using white in a hallway is very popular as many halls can be dark and gloomy places – white will bring in a light look and feel especially if you use white paint which has a sheen finish as this will help to illuminate the hall way. Although white may not sound a particularly practical colour to use in a family home if you choose paint which is spongeable finger marks and dirty marks can easily be removed. I'm not sure white is a good colour choice if you don't like cleaning as it can very quickly become marked and look dingy and unkempt! White rugs are not practical for halls, however, large rugs in an accent colour will add a homely feel and help to stop dirt and debris being traipsed through your home. If you have a window, cheap curtains in white will help reflect the natural light, again helping to make the hall less gloomy and oppressive. Include accessories in white or your accent colour to add a personal touch to your hallway.

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