Today's modern bathrooms aren't the small cramped spaces of yesteryear. Today bathrooms incorporate different spa-like features so that we can spend time relaxing and de-stressing after a long days work. Walk-through showers and rain showers have their place, but when it comes to luxury and self indulgence there's nothing quite like a home spa styled bathroom. Using the finest quality materials modern bathrooms make great use of every inch of available space without making a the room look cramped. Vanity-style bowls sit on top of units rather than being in-set, and every modern bathroom has two basins so that couples can share the room. Free-standing baths have returned onto the bathroom scene with style. These gorgeous, deep baths are designed for maximum comfort and provide the ultimate in home spa experiences. Marbled has been used in homes of the wealthy for centuries. It's the ideal material to create a decadent and luxurious look which oozes quality. Showers may be more economical than baths but if you have a stunning bath then you probably won't give the fuel bills a second thought. Move over traditional styles because the most contemporary bathroom designs are really setting the bar high. The spa experience is brought into contemporary homes with sate-of-the-art sunken baths complete with all the twiddly bits – namely pulsating and massaging jets. Hot tub styled free-standing baths are ideal for creating a home spa. You may not be able to lay down and soak, but when you create a spa-bathroom which looks across a patio it makes the perfect place to take a dip. Light and airy are the one thing that all spa-bathrooms have in common. Those who prefer a little modesty will be glad to see that you don't have to expose yourself to the garden or patio to create a beautiful bathroom which oozes chic styling.

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