Beautiful budget bedroom ideas – part 4 - cool colonial

A beautiful bedroom in the style of cool colonial - we need elegance and a good mix of both freshness and relaxing. Your colonial bedroom will have you kicking of your shoes and just laying on the bed in a completely satisfied and relaxed disposition, inspired by India and a world of discovery. You will need rich fabrics, but they don't necessarily have to cost you a great deal, not with our tips for design on a budget.

Antique furniture can be pricey - but with our help you can get the look without splashing the cash! Dark Woods, Cream Linens and More Colour Selections: The predominant colour of your colonial bedroom should be cream, not white. Cream still gives the room lots of light and will provide the perfect backdrop to green leafy plants and dark woods, a beautiful combination. Other colours should remain muted and the only real exception will be green, that being said, it will mostly have its emphasis in the presence of plants.

A shade of tea green is a good addition to a selection of fabrics such as cushions, just keep it to the minimum. Other neutrals such as brown will be a good idea to add some depth, go with a dark brown throw for the bed or for rugs. Flooring and Furniture Design: If you are lucky enough to already have wooden flooring then you can save a lot of money. Pine flooring is the ideal for the cool colonial feel, but you can always sand down flooring and give it a new varnish. Wicker furniture works wonders for the colonial bedroom and you should have at least one piece, perhaps the bedside tables or a window seat.

Make good use of your existing furniture by sanding them down and painting them cream to match with the rest of the colour scheme. To give that old-world effect, use liming wax for the budget solution. A Touch Of Indian Fabrics: Your colonial bedroom will really start to shine once you get down to choosing curtain fabrics. Indian style cushions, rugs and bedding will make a big improvement. Look for motifs such as elephants or peacock feathers in muted colours. Use cotton fabrics where you can that are light and breezy, cream duvet covers will be essential to getting the look.

Try to steer away from window curtains, the cool colonial style is matched better with a set of blinds such as dark wooden Venetian blinds. Finishing Touches: You will need to take a trip to your nearest garden centre to pick out a few green plants such as ficus or palms. The taller the better, put them into terracotta pots and place them into the corners or by either side of the windows. Lighting should be soft and not bright, you could add some soft lights above the bed or add to the actual bed-head should you choose to have one. A few candles would also give off a softer lighting for the evenings.

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