Beautiful budget bedroom ideas – part 3 - get the chic hotel look

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and felt like a Hollywood star? Have you ever thought that there is no way on this earth you can re-create the look on a low budget? Can we prove you wrong? Luxurious and modern, clean lines and beautiful accessories - on a budget. The tips in this article will help you with giving your bedrooms a well-deserved facelift and you won't be left counting pennies. Every night when you retreat to your bedroom, you will be guaranteed a great night's sleep as you slip under the covers of your king-sized bed. Accessories can play a major role in the chic hotel look and you can always find them - even on a budget.

Bring Out The Chic with the Right Colours: Colour trends are forever changing, but there seems to be a few that always remain classic for the chic hotel look - green being one of them. What you want is a traditional and stylish look that could have come straight out of your favourite hotel. For ultimate cosiness you will be best to stay with soft and sumptuous colours, perhaps brought to life with a hint of gold. Try cream over white and a good balance between two main colours - moss green and redwood or plum (just as an example).

Depending on the size of your bedroom, the smaller it is the more light you will need to bring in the room, so put an emphasis on cream. If your room is much larger and gets plenty of natural light then you can experiment more with colours and darker woods.

Flooring and Furniture Design: Dark oak flooring would be a dream come true for the chic hotel look but instead of having new floors put in, try and work with what you have and use a floor stain to get the same effect. No chic hotel bedroom would be seen dead without a king-sized bed, have a shop around if you need to upgrade and have a look at comparison sites to find a good deal and stay within your budget.

Luxurious Fabrics on a Budget: Now, for that super king sized bed, you are going to need some super king sized bedding! Once more, go for cream sheets and look for duvet colours in warm and cosy colours such as the plum shade we mentioned before. Other soft and sumptuous colours include burgundy, coral pink, dark cyan, eggplant, old rose and so on.

Once more, have a good browse around on the web to find the best fabric warehouse deals. New seasons always bring discounts on the designs of last season but you can still find curtain fabrics that are classic and remain chic throughout the year. Finishing Touches: Bedside tables are a must along with bedding blankets or throws, piles of bed cushions and pillows add a touch of chic luxury. Don't forget to add wall art which highlights and compliments your colour scheme.

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