Beautiful Budget Bedroom Ideas - Part 2 - French Romantic

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

A French romantic style bedroom can easily be made to look like it cost a bomb - but there are some 'insider' tricks how to create it on a budget. French romantic is romantic - yes, but it is romantic in the subtle way. Charming, with elements of country style thrown in to give a beautiful finished result that will be so true you might be popping the champagne bottle in the morning!

French romantic is very 'lady and gentleman' but with a touch of innocent flirting that comes through in the smallest of details. Does this classical style sound right for you? Then read on to discover how it can be achieved with little effort.

A Fresh Colour Palette

Blue and white are fresh, light and very French country style. Pastel and muted blues will work the best such as Carolina blue, Columbia blue, cornflower blue, duck egg blue, Maya blue or powder blue.

When painting the walls of your bedroom, you could go for two or three different shades which can make a room more interesting. White will be the other dominant colour and definitely used in bedding and duvet covers to keep within the fresh and crisp feel of your French romantic bedroom. Steer clear from shiny or sheer colours - matte is the way forward. Another colour which you could work with is lavender - a romantic pastel that will make you dream of lavender fields and running free!

Flooring and Furniture Design

Light wooden floorboards will really bring this theme into its element, a little distressed is also good so you might be praising your old floorboards after-all! There is quite a lot of work to create white floor boards as you have to first strip the original yellow tones found in most woods. If you have the time and patience though - white floorboards can look so beautiful. From all of the bed designs available, those with metal bed frames as opposed to wooden will look the most romantic - it is something about the curving and intricate details in the design that does it. Look for wrought iron and use spray paint to give it a white finish, unless you can find a real French styled bed!

Crisp and Country Style Fabrics

We have said it already - crisp, white linens for the bed are an absolute must to create this look. You can also use curtain fabrics with designs that are a little flirty such as blue and white gingham or a simple flower design. It is all very nice to have your curtains custom made, but ready made curtains are far more affordable and as long as you are looking in all the right places - you will find exactly the style you have in mind.

Finishing Touches

There really is something about lavender and the French romantic style - finish the look off with some terracotta or white matte pots with lavender plants and dot them around the room. A white wrought iron chandelier will look gorgeous and can be a real focal point - spend the last of your budget on this beautiful accessory and your new bedroom will be complete!

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