Beautiful budget bedroom ideas - part 1 - full of eastern promise

It is our belief that every bedroom should be designed to create a certain mood and atmosphere, whether it be romantic, calming or in the case of a bedroom full of Eastern promise – sensual. Everyone has different tastes and there are hundreds of design ideas for bedrooms on a budget - so that you can have your dream escape at half the price! The focus of this article is how to create a beautiful bedroom full of Eastern promise on a budget.

Setting The Mood With Colour: Red and pinks are your best bet for setting the mood of an Eastern promise bedroom. The idea is to bring plenty of warmth into the room so you might want to consider adding a hint of gold too. Pastels will not have the same effect as brighter, warmer shades of pink or red - so take care when picking out paint. Try the following shades of red/pink to adorn your walls - amaranth, cardinal, cerise, crimson, Persian red or Venetian red.

Flooring and Furniture Design: Wide-planked wooden flooring or tiles work best with this design idea - go for light colours if you can. You can really get creative with the bed and give it Eastern feel without delving too deep into your savings. An Eastern style bed is typically seen with fabric falling from the ceiling (to keep away pesky mosquitoes), but the finished look can be so sensual and exotic. To do this on a budget, simply attach two poles on the ceiling above the bed - one to the head end and the other about halfway down the bed.

Now you can place a canopy over the poles and allow it to drop down at the head end. A good, cheap and versatile fabric is sari - which comes in silk or cotton. Try to match the colour with the rest of the bedroom and make it a focal point by choosing fabric with a gold detail around its borders.

Sensual Eastern Fabrics: We have spoken briefly about sari fabrics and how they can accentuate the Eastern promise bedroom. Another good fabric you can use is voile curtains which are semi transparent and give a dreamy look. You can purchase voile in any colour - so take time to choose the right colour. As the king or queen of your Eastern inspired bedroom, you will be spending a lot of time both sleeping and lounging on your luxurious bed. T

o make it that little extra comfortable it is perfectly on-trend to go overboard on pillows - choose sheer curtain fabrics in red, pink and gold. Finishing Touches: Discover pieces that have an oriental vibe such as Chinese lanterns or Buddha statues. Just remember that you can always customise your accessories with some new paint or by adding gemstones for an opulent touch.

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