Beautiful Bedroom Looks - Part 5 – Groovy Vintage, Sophisticated and Gallery Bedrooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Today we're going to give your more interior design ideas for beautiful bedrooms, from Vintage and groovy to creative gallery styled bedrooms. Take a look at today's ideas and be inspired to change your tired looking bedroom! Vintage Modern, Groovy! - For all you mods out there, we know you crave a specific look and we might just have the bedroom to make your day, every day. To celebrate the vintage modern style, looks really do count for a lot. It will be groovy with some surprise pieces - it will be the envy of all your friends.

You will need some vintage furniture pieces or new furniture that resembles the era we are going for. Make a statement too with your choice of duvet cover sets - a retro print in a bold colour such as orange will work well with this look. Choose a sitting chair that screams mid-century modern such as an egg seat or wire chair and do have a funky accessory to top it off. Flea Market Chic, Sophisticated - You don't have to shop at a flea market for all your décor pieces - but you will benefit from some pieces that have that essentially worn look to them. This vintage decorating style is right on trend and definitely deserves the title of 'Chic'.

Through mixing furniture styles, textiles and accessories - as long as you love the pieces you can work them together for a charming sophistication. Let your treasures come first by painting walls a warm neutral or muted colour such as green or yellow. By excluding pattern you can put more focus on the delicate and sometimes worn finishes on your furniture – use cushions and throws if your furniture is so old its become threadbare in places! Gallery Come Bedroom, Creative - High ceiling bedrooms can be seen as a positive or a negative, the expansive feeling often counteracting the cosy and intimate feel we often long for in our bedrooms.

You can do a lot to this type of room by being creative with the high walls; start with dividing the rooms with some contemporary wainscoting or similar. This makes the room instantly more welcoming. The gallery come bedroom wouldn't be so without some artwork on those gigantic walls - choose a handful or large pieces over small ones which will do nothing for the space. Other elements of the room should also be brought up to the wall arts scale - a large mirror and oversized headboard should do the trick, along with large rugs to bring some of the focus down to floor level.

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