Beautiful bedroom looks - part 3 – formal, seductive and adult coastal

We are so excited to share with you our next bedroom looks that we regard as some of our favourite designs. Each of our picks has its own unique style and each provides a desirable mood. The great thing about these bedroom looks is that they can be achieved on any budget - we give you the essential elements of the design and you source your furniture, textiles and accessories according to your set budget; it couldn't be more simple than that!

Hotel Chic, Formal

Another bedroom inspired by hotel chic and the use of symmetry which lends to its slightly formal mood. The bedroom uses natural light sources as its tool - reflected in ceiling to floor mirrors on either side of the bed. The modern style calls for some key accessories to stop it looking monotonous - try stylish bedside lamps or duvet cover sets with a unique print. With all that natural light, you will need a good solution for windows that will give privacy and filter out the light when needed - try blackout roller blinds in a fabric to match your bedding.

Modern Oriental, Seductive

You will need a warm palette for this mildly seductive bedroom idea; warm neutrals such as cream and chocolate are sensual with dark wood furniture and stylish wooden curtain poles; Oriental red is brought in as a spicy accent. Do go grand with statement furniture pieces - a sleigh bed and set of matching bombe chests either side bring a slight masculinity to the room; this is softened with cream luxury duvet sets and an arrangement of fresh flowers.

Vintage accessories such as old photographs and a Chinese rug give the room more defined character.

Adult Coastal, Free-Spirited

Use white bead-board for walls, topped with navy paint or wallpaper; this beach inspired bedroom is low-key on the coastal theme but it still works really well. A few accessories showcasing shells will just hint at the coastal theme without going overboard (excuse the pun!). A large sisal rug would look right at home in a natural sand colour along with natural roller blinds made to measure coordinated with soft flowing curtains.

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