Beautiful bedroom looks - part 2 – contemporary, sophisticated, soothing and hotel chic

I think we don't need much of an introduction, but if you missed the first part of this mini series (still available to read by the way!), we are sharing with you some of our favourite bedroom designs that we think will be inspiring to all you home owners out there!

Contemporary Modern, Trendy

We love our white bedding and curtain sets so much, but at times it looks a little lost in a space and too cold. It works far better if you are willing to use a warm neutral on the walls such as a chocolate brown; this combination makes the white more crisp and inviting. White lampshades will also look hip against the darker wall colour whilst matching your bedding. An accent colour will add spice - choose a rich red or earthy orange for decorative bed cushions and bed runner. Choose cheap accessories to play with current bedroom trends such as bamboo blinds for a natural look.

Feminine Eclectic, Soothing

You want to hint at femininity in the bedroom instead of being at war with flowers and frills. Choose a light, cool colour for walls such as a blue-grey that instantly relaxes the space. Modern forms for larger furniture and vintage items as décor will achieve that eclectic look with ease. With all the lightness on walls and in duck egg blue bedding, a dark wood floor would ground the space and make it more intimate. Do give it a touch of glam with a vintage chandelier - which woman wouldn't be happy with that?

Classic, Sophisticated

Sophisticated furniture may include dark woods and fabric headboards for the bed. The dark furniture breathes a more classic design and helps to bring warmth and depth to a neutral colour palette of white bedding and beige curtains. The end look should be opulent - but in an understated way. Give a surprise element to this room by having the bed central and at an angle, whilst letting the rest of the design promise a timeless bedroom that never fails to be admired.

Hotel Chic, Restful

Use a monochrome colour palette - but try to be different and take a colour as opposed to black with grey and white. White can be saved however in bedding, as it lends to the restfulness of this bedroom design. We like greens that start in a light shade for the walls, medium shade for accent cushions and a dark, olive green for tab top voile curtains. This is a unified look as you may find in an elegant hotel suite - add some subtle stripes to bring it to the next level.

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