Beautiful Bedroom Looks - Part 1 – Classic, Comforting, Dramatic and Vintage

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Across seven days we will be giving an incredible bedroom looks - some of our favourites that we have come across in the last year or so. These bedrooms are up to date, beautiful in every way possible and I can guarantee that there will be at least a handful that will inspire your own decorating.

In no particular order (it would be near impossible to pick out favourites from a list of favourites!) we have the first bedroom interior design ideas to help you find your dream look or to inspire your own creative decorating ideas - enjoy! Its all about stylish designs plus setting the right mood and atmosphere....

Classic, Restful

Choose cool colours such as pretty blues and lavenders but make them more cosy with warm browns and pearly whites. A bed that reflects traditional styles by using a medium wood but becomes a timeless piece with clean, modern lines and go easy on detailing. Emphasise the modern shapes in the room with geometric patterns on accent cushions and throws.

East Meets West, Comforting

Give the bedroom Asian credentials with a nod towards symmetry and good proportion throughout. Then rough it up round the edges with rustic woods used for furniture and by choosing materials such as suede over silk. Mixing styles brings the most unique results and smiles from having the bravery to mix things up and see it become a success! Do choose one or two familiars from each style such as the use of natural textiles. Go easy on colour so as not to disguise those different styles - warm neutrals are good.

Modern Hollywood, Dramatic

Has to mean four poster bed - what else? A point we want to make is that any size room can pull off a four poster (almost), but make it your statement piece in any case. Let colours be non-demanding and allow for that incredible bed to take centre stage. Soft greys or taupe tone down the high glitz of the Hollywood Regency style and give it a contemporary edge. Metallics or rich colours should be used in teeny amounts, maybe in stylish designer rugs that just hint at the glamour in this room.

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