Beautiful bedroom ideas – part 7 – hotel chic, minimalist, inspiring and regency

I could hardly wait to share with you our final ideas - the last of our beloved bedroom miniseries. We have come a long way, covering many different decorating styles and setting the scene for a variety of bedroom moods and atmospheres - now its the final curtain call! Hotel Chic, Sumptuous - For those seeking a 'perfect' look, style is on par with the comfort factor in this bedroom design. Super king size bedding with embroidered detailing, silk pillows and a leather or suede headboard will carry style with ease and offer luxury - it all feels so soft to the touch!

Add a love-seat at the foot of the bed for immaculate styling and be low-key with pattern and colour - lets those textures do the talking. Minimalist, Liberating - When you have dramatic architecture in your bedroom, such as attic rooms, dormers, wooden beams and so forth - let it take centre stage and be minimalist in the rest of your décor. You can't beat the 'wow'-factor of period or architectural features when you let them be a focal point - some will beg for that anyway!

A simple wall colour will give you the option of searching for bedding and curtain sets by colour instead. Coloured, Inspiring - With no hint at a period style or current trend; this bedroom is solely about playing with colour and pattern for an original look you can call your own. We like the classic red, white and blue bedrooms - but how about adding a pink to the mix to give an element of surprise? Let your pink lay next to red with accent pillows for the bed or by using a patterned headboard; we love pinstripes with red, pink and white. A soft blue can be used for walls and as bedding textiles such as a runner.

Regency, Indulgent - A bedroom that is fit for royalty; it is all about making this room in the house your guilty pleasure (so we are allowing you to stretch the budget a little bit!) Despite being indulgent, it retains a look that isn't too brash or un-livable. Do give it some hotel glam with an oversized fabric headboard - but tone it down by using a neutral colour and modern lines. Your colour palette will be dominated by understated white and cream; with chocolate tones used for a king sized duvet cover sets and the presence of gold for wall coverings and window treatments. Gold sheen wallpaper is what really makes the bedroom its own and can be used throughout or tried on one focal wall for scrumptious starters!

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