Beautiful bedroom ideas 7: french chic

We all know that when it comes to fashion and home interiors the French know how to put on a show! With beautiful bedrooms in Paris apartments oozing chic style it's easy to see why and how the French gained their reputation and savoir faire of how to do things the right way. You may not live in an apartment on the Champs Elysées or in a château, but there's nothing wrong with embracing the style and adapting it to suit your home.

When it boils down to the getting the French style right you should remember the 'less is more' rule. They create beautiful bedrooms with what looks to be the barest of furniture and soft furnishings, however, those which are used are speak volumes in terms of design, style and colour. French styled beds are easy to come by, however it's not so much as the bed-frame (although a wooden French style is preferable) but the bedding you use to get the look.

Riches colours and textures sit side by side next to crisp white luxury bedding to create a look which is teasingly inviting. Typically French - you only need to show a hint of style and colour to leave your eyes and mind begging for more! In some ways you could relate Shabby Chic to French Chic, the only difference being that Shabby Chic leans towards including a variety of patterns and distressed furniture which is used in relatively large quantities, while French Chic focuses it attentions on the all important finishing touches with an almost minimalistic approach.

I'm not saying that one style is better than the other, I'm just merely pointing out the subtle differences which give each their name. Apple greens, and deep pinky reds are ideal colours to use in Spring and Summer, offering a fresh and vibrant look. By including a variety of sumptuous fabrics such as velvet, velour and satin in your bedding and/or headboard will help take the style effortlessly from one season to the next and it will still remain on-trend.

Accessories will also have to be given careful consideration if you're going to achieve French Chic. Large ornate mirrors leant against a wall rather than hung are ideal, as are little bird cages (with or without a bird) are also perfect. The French adore fresh flowers and seem to spend copious amounts of money on them, so to get the look you must include a vase of seasonal fresh flo

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