Beautiful bedroom ideas 6: scale up

Using on-trend turquoise and white you can create a beautiful bedroom which is chic and very stylish. Choose mid tone turquoise, rather than the brighter shades, and scale up pattern with open-cut work, a statement headboard and a super king size bed. Place large rugs in the open area of the room, as we're scaling up the larger the rug the better, just as long as it doesn't cover the entire floor. Although the trend is to place rugs under the bottom half of the bed, in this case you run the risk of losing the proportions so it's best to allow plenty of room to show it off in its entirety.

Moving onto the bed, there's little doubt that a super king size speak volumes and becomes the focal point in the bedroom. Play it to its best advantage with super king bedding in white to really highlight the turquoise. Twin beds also work well in this style of bedroom and as long as they're identical and oversized you won't go far wrong! Large bedrooms will have large windows so you'll need to consider two main points when looking for an appropriate dressings for them.

Firstly style and secondly privacy, the latter being more important to some people than others, depending on where they live – for example bedroom windows facing large open fields won't cause as much of a privacy issue as the same size windows over looking a neighbour or busy street!

By sticking to two colours in your bedroom you have the choice of turquoise or white curtains, which can be alternated to bring a new look to the room without any hassle. Full length curtains will add height to a bedroom and by choosing curtains which have an open cut-work detail you won't need to worry about choosing any other pattern.

While traditional styled net curtains are a little 'yesterday' if you swap them for full length voiles you'll immediately bring your window dressing bang up to-date. Using double curtains tracks which will enable you to open and close each style of curtains independently.

Keep your accessories to a bare minimum to maximise space, and don't forget that you're scaling up therefore oversized mirrors and bedside table lamps with large shades are a must. Think along the lines of Alice in Wonderland becoming small and looking up at oversized furniture and you'll be able to get a feel for scaling up!

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