Beautiful bedroom ideas 5: a touch of sophistication

Today we take a look at informal and easy sophistication and elegance. It doesn't take much to bring your bedroom up to-date or give it a new look. Bed pillows and boudoir style cushions remain on-trend, along with pretty bed throws in soft tactile fabrics. Oceanic blues and greens offer a relaxed and calming look for bedrooms and can easily be teamed with white or cream to create a chic and stylish look. The latest colour trends lean towards the darker pastels, so that they have a little omph behind them without being to bright or garish. Including a variety of tactile textures will show that you're keeping abreast of interior design trends.

Use soft leather and luxury bedding with soft touch fabric, such as satin and silk. Dress your windows with beautiful white curtains with a satin finish to coordinate with the bedding; the curtains can be doubled hung (you can use curtains poles which are specifically designed to take two pairs of curtains which work independently from each other) the inner curtains can be gentle sea-foam greens in lightweight fabrics such as voile. This style of window dressing will make a real statement at your window.

Cast your eyes downwards and use large rugs with a deep, soft pile will give comfort to feet; by using white your eyes will be guided naturally around the room. Look up and you could also try using hanging pendant lights rather than using bedside table lamps; this will make the room look clutter free and also adds a further dimension to the room. It's okay to mix and match just as long as you keep a theme, whether it's via colours, textures or designs. For example, polished metal effect lampshades coordinate with the polished curtain pole, these colours also bring the wall art into the equation.

These reflective surfaces in turn compliment the polished flooring. The white leather bed, bedding, curtains and rug follow the colour scheme throughout the room. Add embellished cushions with a striking pattern to add further interest into your bedroom, compliment these with a plain black or purple bed throw to tie each aspect of your soft furnishings together to create a stunning looking bedroom which oozes chic elegance and sophistication. You don't have to be an expert in interior design to achieve modern looks in your bedroom. Be inspired by others and guided by your budget – you don't have to pay a king's ransom if you're a savvy online shopper!

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